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The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (1963)

The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (1963)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "Surfin' Bird"   2:20

2. "Misirlou"   2:03

3. "Money"   3:05

4. "Tube City"   3:11

5. "Kuk"   2:03

6. "It's So Easy"   2:01

Side two

7. "King Of The Surf"   2:25

8. "Henrietta"   2:29

9. "Malaguena"   2:31

10. "My Woodie"   1:47

11. "Bird Bath"   2:32

12. "The Sleeper"   2:29

The Trashmen Band Members / Musicians

Tony Andreason – lead guitar

Dal Winslow – rhythm guitar

Robert Reed – bass guitar

Steve Wahrer – drums, vocals

George Garrett – producer

Tom Jung – engineer

Bill Diehl – liner notes

Surfin' Bird is the debut and only album by the Trashmen, released on 14 January 1964. It was named after their novelty hit of the same name. The album peaked at no 48 at the Billboard 200 chart.

The album was recorded at Kay Bank Studio and rushed to the stores to capitalize on the success of the "Surfin' Bird" single, released two months earlier. According to Rick Shefchik's book Everybody's Heard about the Bird, which chronicles the band's rise and fall, both the Surfin' Bird album and the single each went on to sell over a million copies. Richie Unterberger of AllMusic wrote: "The only album released by the Trashmen during their lifetime actually outstrips most of the Southern California-based competition, due to the ferocious grit of the playing and a vaguely demented, go-for-broke recklessness."

The Trashmen were an American surf rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, in 1962. The original line-up of the group featured guitarists Tony Andreason and Dal Winslow, bassist Bob Reed, and drummer Steve Wahrer.

Along with Colorado-based contemporaries the Astronauts, The Trashmen have been described as "the premier landlocked Midwestern surf group of the '60s." The band took their name from "Trashman's Blues", a song written and recorded in 1961 by Minneapolis musician Kai Ray (Richard Caire, 1935–2017), who later wrote songs for the band.

The Trashmen Band Members / Musicians

Tony Andreason – lead guitar, vocals (1962–1967, 1970s, 1982–2016)

Dal Winslow – rhythm guitar, vocals (1962–1967, 1970s, 1982–2016)

Bob Reed – bass guitar, vocals (1962–1967, 1970s, 1982–2016)

Steve Wahrer – drums, lead vocals (1962–1967, 1970s, 1982–1989)

Jim Woody – bass guitar (1962); replaced by Bob Reed

Mark Andreason – drums, backing vocals (1989–probably 2009)

Robin Reed – drums, backing vocals (2009–2016)

Deke Dickerson – guitar (2013–2014 (possibly featured in other years))

The Trashmen Discography Full

1963 Surfin' Bird

1965 Bird Dance Beat

1989 Comic Book Collector

1994 The Great Lost Trashmen Album!

2014 Deke Dickerson and the Trashmen: Bringing Back the Trash

Compilations, live albums, and EPs

1990 Live Bird '65–'67

1992 Tube City: The Best of the Trashmen

1998 Bird Call: The Twin City Stomp of the Trashmen 4-CD box set

2009 Teen Trot: Live At Ellsworth, WI, August 22, 1965

2013 I'm a Trashman

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