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Die Ärzte - Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit... (1988)

Die Ärzte - Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit... (1988)

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"Ohne dich (die Welt könnte so schön sein...)" [Without you (the world could be so beautiful...)] - 2:49

"Baby, ich tu's" [Baby, I'll do it] - 3:00

"Komm zurück" [Come back] - 3:33

"Wilde Welt" [Wild world] - 2:51

"Westerland" - 3:41

"Ich will dich" [I want you] - 2:18

"Elke" - 3:22

"Ich ess' Blumen" [I eat flowers] - 3:44

"Außerirdische" [Aliens] - 2:45

"Die Siegerin" [Winner] - 3:10

"Bitte, bitte" [Please please] - 3:17

"Popstar" - 3:12

"Gute Zeit" [Good time] - 3:23
"♀" - 1:49

1988: "Ich ess' Blumen"
1988: "Westerland"
1989: "Bitte bitte"

Die Ärzte Band Members / Musicians
Farin Urlaub - guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Bela Felsenheimer - drums, vocals

Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit... (German pronunciation: [das ʔɪst ˈnɪçt diː ˈɡantsə ˈvaːɐ̯haɪt]; "That's not the whole truth...") is the 4th album by German rock band Die Ärzte. It was the last studio album before the band's 5-year hiatus. The title of the album is a line spoken by William Shatner in the film Airplane II: The Sequel.

"♀" (or "Schwanz ab" [Dick off]) is kind of a hidden track and not listed on the back cover, also, the lyrics are not in the booklet (it is still a separate track).

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