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Die Ärzte - Die Ärzte (1986)

Die Ärzte - Die Ärzte (1986)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Wie am ersten Tag" [Like on the first day] – 3:41

"Mysteryland" – 4:02

"Sweet Sweet Gwendoline" – 2:50

"Ist das alles?" [Is that all?] – 3:39

"Geschwisterliebe" [Sibling love] – 4:11

"Alleine in der Nacht" [Alone in the night] – 2:47

"Jenseits von Eden" [Beyond Eden] – 4:00 (Drafi Deutscher cover)

"Wir werden schön" [We become beautiful] – 4:01

"Für immer" [Forever] – 3:46

"Ich bin reich" [I am rich] – 4:22

"Zum letzten Mal" [For the last time] – 4:24


1986: "Für immer"

1986: "Ist das alles?"

Die Ärzte Band Members / Musicians

Farin Urlaub – guitar, vocals

Bela Felsenheimer – drums, vocals

Manne Praeker – bass guitar

Die Ärzte is the 3rd album by German rock band Die Ärzte. "Geschwisterliebe", and with it the whole album, was put in German List of Media Harmful to Young People on 27 January 1987.

This was the first album recorded since Sahnie left the band. The bass guitar was played by their producer, Manne Praeker.

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