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Malice Mizer - Memoire (1994)

Malice Mizer - Memoire (1994)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "De Mémoire" (Instrumental)   0:57

2. "Kioku to Sora (記憶と空, "Memory and Sky")"   4:48

3. "Ēge Umi ni Sasagu (エーゲ海に捧ぐ, "Dedicated to the Aegean Sea")"   5:09

4. "Gogo no Sasayaki (午後のささやき, "Whispers in the Afternoon")"   2:34

5. "Miwaku no Rooma (魅惑のローマ, "Enchanted in Rome")"   5:07

6. "Seraph"   3:23

7. "Baroque (バロック)" (DX edition only)   7:19

Malice Mizer Band Members / Musicians

Tetsu – vocals, classic guitar on track 4

Mana – synth guitar, synth keyboard on track 1

Közi – synth guitar, synth keyboard on track 6

Yu~ki – bass

Kami – drums, percussion

E~da – female voice on track 2

Miyuki Takahashi – sequence programmer

Mr. Kokado – recording and mixing

Mémoire (French for "Memory") is the debut studio album by Japanese rock band Malice Mizer, released on July 24, 1994 by Midi:Nette. It is their only album with original vocalist Tetsu and was reissued on December 24, 1994 as Mémoire DX.

Malice Mizer (stylized as MALICE MIZER) was a Japanese visual kei rock band active from August 1992 to December 2001. Formed by guitarists Mana and Közi, their earlier music and themes were characterized by their strong French and classical influences, later moving away from deliberate French romanticism and incorporating Gothic aspects after several difficulties befell the band.

Malice Mizer was as famous for their live shows as they were for their music, featuring lavish historical costumes and stage sets, short silent theater pieces preluding various songs, and even a particularly notable instance of the vocalist descending to Earth (the stage) as a fallen angel, only to ascend again at the end of the concert. Throughout their history, the band has gone through several different lineups and three drastic image changes. At their peak, they were considered one of "the big four of visual kei" alongside La'cryma Christi, Fanatic Crisis and Shazna. On December 11, 2001, it was announced that Malice Mizer would go on an indefinite hiatus. Mana, Közi and bassist Yu~ki have performed together several times since 2010.

Malice Mizer Band Members / Musicians

Mana – guitar, synth guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, percussion (1992–2001, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018)

Közi – guitar, synth guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, percussion, backing vocals (1992–2001, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018)

Yu~ki – bass guitar, contrabass, percussion, backing vocals (1992–2001, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018)

Klaha – vocals (2000–2001)

Gaz – drums, percussion (1992–1993; died 2017)

Tetsu – vocals (1992–1994)

Gackt – vocals, piano (1995–1999)

Kami – drums, percussion (1993–1999; died 1999)

After his death, the band listed Kami on all subsequent releases as "eternal blood relative."

Shu "Shue" Sakai – drums (2000–2001)

Kazune – keyboards, synthesizers (2000–2001)

Hayato – drums, percussion (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016)
sakura – drums, percussion (2018)

Malice Mizer Discography Full
Memoire (1994)
Voyage Sans Retour (1996)
Merveilles (1998)
Bara no Seidou (2000)

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