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Malice Mizer - Voyage Sans Retour (1996)

Malice Mizer - Voyage Sans Retour (1996)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Yami no Kanata e~" (闇の彼方へ~; 'Beyond the Darkness...')   0:26

2. "Transylvania"   4:01

3. "Tsuioku no Kakera ~A Peace of Broken Recollection~" (追憶の破片 ~a peace of broken recollection~; 'Fragments of Memories: A Peace of Broken Recollection')   6:21

4. "Premier Amour" ('First Love')   4:55

5. "Itsuwari no Musetté" (偽りのmusetté; 'False Musetté')   5:13

6. "N.p.s N.g.s" (N·p·s N·g·s; 'No Pains No Gains')   4:07

7. "Claire ~Tsuki no Shirabe~" (claire ~月の調べ~; 'Claire ~In Search of the Moon~')   5:47

8. "Madrigal"   4:03

9. "Shi no Butō ~A Romance of the "Cendrillon"~" (死の舞踏 ~a romance of the "Cendrillon"~; 'Macabre Dance: A Romance of the "Cendrillon"')   5:25

10. "~Zenchō~" (~前兆~; 'Omen')   4:19

Malice Mizer Band Members / Musicians

Gackt – vocals, piano

Mana – synth guitar, sequence programming

Közi – synth guitar, sequence programming

Yu~ki – bass

Kami – drums, percussion

Takeshi Kanazawa – violin on tracks 2, 5 and 8

Mayumi Maruo – chorus, photography

"Patch" Kitaguchi – recording, mixing

Voyage ~Sans Retour~ (French: "Voyage with No Return") is the 2nd album by Japanese rock band Malice Mizer, released on June 9, 1996. It is their first album with second vocalist Gackt.

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