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Malice Mizer - Merveilles (1998)

Malice Mizer - Merveilles (1998)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "~De Merveilles" (...of wonders)   1:07

2. "Syunikiss ~Nidome no Aitou~" (Syunikiss 〜二度目の哀悼〜; Second Mourning)   4:14

3. "Bel Air ~Kuuhaku no Toki no Naka De~" (ヴェル・エール ~空白の瞬間ときの中で~; Within Moments of Nothingness)   5:34

4. "Illuminati"   5:12

5. "Brise"   5:03

6. "AEGEAN ~Sugisarishi Kaze to Tomo ni~" (エーゲ〜過ぎ去りし風と共に〜; Aegean ~Gone with the Wind~)   4:58

7. "Au Revoir" (Goodbye)   4:54

8. "Je te Veux" (I Want You)   4:37

9. "S-Conscious"   3:20

10. "Le Ciel" (Heaven)   5:00

11. "Gekka no Yasoukyoku" (月下の夜想曲; Nocturne in the Moonlight)   3:45

12. "Bois de merveilles" (Forest of Wonders)   1:55


Malice Mizer Band Members / Musicians

Vocals, piano: Gackt

Guitar, synthesizer: Közi, Mana

Bass: Yu~ki

Drums: Kami

Cello: Masashi Abe

Violin: Chieko Kinbara, Toshihiro Nakanishi

Programmers (all instruments and computer programming): Gackt, Kami, Közi, Mana, Yu~ki

Programmer (synthesizer programming), sound designer: Nobuhiko Nakayama

Technician (sound adviser), keyboards: Yohei Shimada

Arrangement by Malice Mizer, Yohei Shimada (tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 10–12)

Producer: Malice Mizer

Executive producer: Nobuhiko Miyazawa, Yukie Ito

Engineers (additional): Hideyuki Hanaki, Hirohito Fujishima

Recorded and mixed by Atsuo Akabae

Mastered by Masao Nakazato

Art direction, cover collage, design: Teruhisa Abe

Design: Hiroyuki Komagai, Takaaki Inoue

Photography: Masatoshi Makino

Merveilles is the 3rd album by Japanese rock band Malice Mizer, released on March 18, 1998. In 2004, it was named one of the top albums from 1989–1998 in an issue of the music magazine Band Yarouze.

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