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Mando Diao - Give Me Fire! (2009)

Mando Diao - Give Me Fire! (2009)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Blue Lining, White Trenchcoat"   4:02

2. "Dance with Somebody"   5:18

3. "Gloria"   4:17

4. "High Heels"   3:48

5. "Mean Street"   4:32

6. "Maybe Just Sad"   4:05

7. "A Decent Life"   1:45

8. "Give Me Fire"   4:01

9. "Crystal"   6:11

10. "Come On Come On"   4:13

11. "Go Out Tonight"   4:53

12. "You Got Nothing on Me"   5:07

13. "The Shining / Leave My Fire"   19:22

Give Me Fire! is the 5th studio album by Swedish band Mando Diao, produced by Salla Salazar of hip hop group The Latin Kings and his brother Masse. The album was released in Sweden on 13 February 2009

One of Mando Diao's roadies knew the hip hop producing brothers and introduced Gustaf Norén to them. Norén says he originally approached The Salazar Brothers as he is a massive Latin Kings fan and wanted to get an autograph, but the visit ended with a recorded song. After sitting on the song for a while he played it for the other members of the band and they decided to record more tracks with Salle & Masse.

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