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Mando Diao - Never Seen the Light of Day (2007)

Mando Diao - Never Seen the Light of Day (2007)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"If I Don't Live Today, Then I Might Be Here Tomorrow" – 2:00

"Never Seen the Light of Day" – 4:12

"Gold" – 3:54

"I Don't Care What the People Say" – 1:51

"Mexican Hardcore" – 4:37

"Macadam Cowboy" – 1:42

"Train On Fire" – 2:52

"Not A Perfect Day" – 2:54

"Misty Mountains" – 2:24

"One Blood" – 6:42

"Dalarna" – 7:54


Mando Diao Band Members / Musicians

Björn Dixgard – vocals, guitars

Gustaf Noren – vocals, guitars

Samuel Giers – drums, percussion

Mats Björke – keyboards

C-J – bass

Johan Andersson

Fru Palm

Nadja Jahlert

Lina Molander

Karin Hagström

Olga Lantz

Elin Sydhagen

Calle Noren

Fedrik Wennerlund

Björn Olsson

Hans Asteberg

Pontus Ottestig

Mikael Fahleryd

Stefan Bellnas

Livet Nord

Erik Drougge

Brita Linmark

Jonas Franke-Blom

Patrik Heikinpieti – Recording at Rekord Studios and at Cosmos Studios, Stockholm

Hans Asteberg – Mixing, Recording at Sehr Schön, Orust

Björn Olsson – String arrangements, Engineering, Mixing, Recording at Sehr Schön, Orust

Henryk Lipp – Engineering

Dragan Tanaskovic – Mastering at Bohus Mastering, Kungalv

Gustaf Girnstedt – String arrangements

Fredrik Wennerlund – Artwork and collages

Pernilla Wahlin Noren – Collage drawings

Matt Wignall – Band photo

Never Seen the Light of Day is the 4th studio album by Swedish band Mando Diao. The album was produced by Björn Olsson and engineered by Patrik Heikinpieti. It was recorded in 2007 while the band were on an exhaustive tour of the world. Frontman Björn Dixgård stated in a recent interview that the band was dissatisfied with their management and tired of the tediousness of the studios so they recorded the album independently in a small studio with producer Björn Olsson. The album was titled 'Never Seen The Light Of Day' because the band believed that the album might not be released, and thus would not see the light of day.

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