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Schandmaul - Wahre Helden (True Heroes) (1999)

Schandmaul - Wahre Helden (True Heroes) (1999)

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Schandmaul is a German medieval folk rock band from the Munich area.

As well as using modern instruments such as the bass and electric guitar, the band also utilizes instruments typically used in Medieval folk songs such as the bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy or shawm, to produce their trademark folk rock sound. Schandmaul was nominated two times for the Echo Music Prize and has so far had six albums in the top ten German album charts and three top-ten albums in Austria.

The name 'Schandmaul' translates roughly to 'evil tongue' and refers to their mascot of a grinning skeletal jester.

Schandmaul Band Members / Musicians

Thomas Lindner – vocals, acoustic guitar, accordion

Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack – flutes, shawms, bagpipe, vocals

Martin "Ducky" Duckstein – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, vocals

Stefan Brunner – drums, percussion, vocals

Matthias Richter – bass, upright bass (since 2002)

Saskia Forkert – violin, hurdy-gurdy, backing vocals (since 2018)

The four male band members also play in the rock band Weto with Regicide keyboarder Heiner Jaspers, while Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack and Anna Kränzlein both cultivate their own side projects, Sava and Anna Katharina respectively.

Hubsi Widmann – bass, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, vocals (1998–2002)

Anna Kränzlein – violin, hurdy-gurdy, vocals (1998–2017)

Schandmaul Discography Full

Studio albums

1999 Wahre Helden [True Heroes]

2000 Von Spitzbuben und anderen Halunken [Of Rogues and Other Scoundrels]

2002 Narrenkönig [King of Jesters]

2004 Wie Pech & Schwefel ["Thick as Thieves" - lit. Like Pitch & Sulfur, German proverb]

2006 Mit Leib und Seele [With Body and Soul]

2008 Anderswelt [Other-world]

2011 Traumtänzer [Dream dancer]

2014 Unendlich [Infinite]

2016 Leuchtfeuer [Light beacons]

2019 Artus

Live albums

2003 Hexenkessel [Witch's Cauldron]

2005 Kunststück [Feat with a double meaning of Piece of art]

2009 Sinnfonie [word play on the words Sinn, sense, and Sinfonie, symphony]


2006 Picture Vinyl, vinyl record

2013 So weit, so gut 1998–2013 [So far, so good]


2005 Bin Unterwegs [(I) Am on My Way]

2006 Kein Weg zu weit [No Way (Is) Too Far]

2014 Euch zum Geleit [A Foreword for You]


Hexenkessel (2003)

Kunststück (2005)

Sinnbilder (2008)

Sinnfonie (2009)

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