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The Hellacopters - Head Off (2008)

The Hellacopters - Head Off (2008)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Electrocute"   2:43

2. "Midnight Angels"   2:48

3. "(I'm) Watching You"   2:13

4. "No Salvation"   3:56

5. "In the Sign of the Octopus"   3:05

6. "Veronica Lake"   2:41

7. "Another Turn"   1:59

8. "I Just Don't Know About Girls"   3:28

9. "Rescue"   3:51

10. "Making Up for Lost Time"   2:33

11. "Throttle Bottom"   2:39

12. "Darling Darling"   3:58


The Hellacopters Band Members / Musicians

Nicke Andersson - Lead vocals, guitars, percussion

Robert Dahlqvist - Guitars, backing vocals

Kenny Håkansson - Bass guitar, backing vocals

Anders Lindström - Organ, piano, backing vocals

Robert Eriksson - Drums, backing vocals

Chips Kiesbye - Producer, engineer

Henrik Lipp - Engineer

Stefan Boman - Mixing

Head Off is the 7th album released by the Swedish rock band The Hellacopters. The album consists of cover songs from acts that the band felt that everyone should know about and listen to. The 2500 units of the vinyl release all come with a poster, an additional 1500 units were later pressed which also contained the poster. A special CD box was also available in a limited run of 6000 copies worldwide and consists of a special CD that contains all of the music on one side that can be played as a regular CD, on the other side the bonus track "Straight Until Morning" and a special pin and patch.

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