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Autograph - Loud and Clear (1987)

Autograph - Loud and Clear (1987)

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1. "Loud and Clear"   3:41
2. "Dance All Night"   4:30
3. "She Never Looked That Good for Me"   3:36
4. "Bad Boy"   4:09
5. "Everytime I Dream"   4:53
6. "She's a Tease"   3:38
7. "Just Got Back from Heaven"   4:22
8. "Down N' Dirty"   3:18
9. "More Than a Million Times"   6:01
10. "When the Sun Goes Down"   4:15

Autograph Band Members / Musicians
Steve Plunkett - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Steve Lynch - lead guitar, backing vocals
Randy Rand - bass, backing vocals
Steven Isham - keyboards, backing vocals
Keni Richards - drums

Loud and Clear is the 3rd studio album by American glam metal band Autograph, released in 1987. It would be the final Autograph album to feature new material recorded by all five of the original members. The band would not issue another album until 1997. Two of the tracks featured on this album, "Dance all Night" and "She Never Looked that Good For Me" appeared (along with the band themselves) in the film Like Father Like Son, released the same year. The original album, issued by RCA Records is long out of print.

The title track "Loud and Clear" featured a music video with Ozzy Osbourne and Vince Neil as extras.

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