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Autograph - That's the Stuff (1985)

Autograph - That's the Stuff (1985)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "That's the Stuff"   4:24

2. "Take No Prisoners" (included in the soundtrack of the movie The River Rat)   3:56

3. "Blondes in Black Cars"   4:16

4. "You'll Get over It"   3:27

5. "Crazy World"   4:36

Side two

6. "Six String Fever"   4:35

7. "Changing Hands"   4:51

8. "Hammerhead"   1:38

9. "Built for Speed"   3:37

10. "Paint This Town"   4:51

Total length:   40:12

2009 Rock Candy Remastered Edition bonus track

11. "We're an American Band" (Grand Funk Railroad cover)   3:44


Autograph Band Members / Musicians

Steve Plunkett – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Steve Lynch – lead guitar, backing vocals

Randy Rand – bass, backing vocals

Steven Isham – keyboards, backing vocals

Keni Richards – drums

Eddie DeLena – producer, engineer

Craig Engel – engineer

Tom Treumuth – basic tracks producer

Dave Wittman – mixing

Stephen Marcussen – mastering at Precision Lacquer, Hollywood

Neil Zlozower – photography

That's the Stuff is the 2nd album by the American glam metal band Autograph, released in 1985 by RCA Records. The album featured the singles "That's the Stuff" and "Blondes in Black Cars."

A different version of the album was reissued in 1986, featuring a blue cover with different artwork. This version featured a cover of Grand Funk Railroad's "We're an American Band" replacing "Six String Fever" as track 6.

A remastered version of the original album with the red cover was released by Spitfire Records in 2002, which retained the same track listing as the original, apart from the substitution of "Six String Fever" with "We're an American Band" as track number 6. Since its remastered release in 2002, the CD has become extremely rare. The album was again reissued in 2009 by the British record label Rock Candy. This time, the remastered CD featured the ten original tracks (including "Six String Fever") and "We're an American Band" as a bonus track. The booklet features the original red cover.

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