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Böhse Onkelz - Onkelz wie wir... (1987)

Böhse Onkelz - Onkelz wie wir...  (1987)

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Onkelz wie wir (Onkelz Like Us)

Von Glas zu Glas (From Glass to Glass)

Erinnerungen (Memories)

Bomberpilot (Bomber Pilot)

Dick + Durstig (Fat and Thirsty)

Falsche Propheten (False Prophets)

Am Morgen danach (The Morning After)

Schöner Tag (Beautiful Day)

Heut' Nacht (Tonight)


Onkelz wie wir… (German for Unklez (uncles) Like Us) is the 4th album by German rock band Böhse Onkelz, released in 1987. A newly recorded version of the album was released on 2 November 2007.

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