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Dionysos - Monsters in Love (2005)

Dionysos - Monsters in Love (2005)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Giant Jack's theme"

2. "Giant Jack"

3. "La métamorphose de Mister Chat"

4. "L'homme qui pondait des œufs"

5. "Broken bird"

6. "Miss Acacia"

7. "Le retour de Bloody Betty"

8. "Mon ombre est personne"

9. "I love Liou"

10. "Lips story in a chocolate river"

11. "Giant John et le sanglophone"

12. "Tes lacets sont des fées"

13. "Old child"

14. "Monsters in love"

15. "Midnight letter"

16. "Neige" + hidden track "I did acid with Caroline"

Dionysos Band Members / Musicians

Mathias Malzieu – vocals, acoustic guitar

Mike Ponton – guitar

Eric Serra-Tosio – drums, percussion

Élisabeth Maistre – violin, vocals

Stéphan Bertholio – keys, musical saw, melodica, glockenspiel, banjo

The Kills – vocals on "Old child"

Sophie Whitehead – 'claquettes' (on "Le retour de Bloody Betty")

Silke Volland – violin and string arrangements

Tobias Unterberg – cello

Yvonne Fechner – violin (on "Broken bird", "Mon ombre est personne", "Monsters in love" and "I love Liou")

Bethany Porter – cello (on "Giant John et le sanglophone")

John Parish – tambourine (on "La métamorphose de Mister Chat" and "Broken bird"), maracas (on "Le retour de Bloody Betty), glockenspiel (on "L'homme qui pondait de œufs" and "La métamorphose de Mister Chat"), spoken word (on "Giant John et le sanglophone")

David Vernon – brass arrangements

Mike Daden – trombone (on "Tes lacets sont des fées")

Dolan Jones – trumpet (on "Tes lacets sont des fées")

Dan Jones – tuba (on "Tes lacets sont des fées")

Produced and mixed by John Parish

Sound engineer Paul Corkett

Assistant Nick Joplin

Mastered by John Dent at Loud Mastering

Monsters in Love is the 5th studio album by the French rock band Dionysos, released 29 August 2005 and produced by John Parish. The album features songs in both English and French.

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