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Dionysos - Vampire en pyjama (2016)

Dionysos - Vampire en pyjama (2016)

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1. "Chanson d'été"   3.22
2. "Guerrier de porcelaine"   2.41
3. "Vampire de l'amour"   2.23
4. "Hospital Blues"   3.50
5. "L'Heure des lueurs"   2.37
6. "Skateboarding sous morphine"   2.51
7. "Know Your Anemy"   2.38
8. "I Follow Rivers"   3.15
9. "Dame Ocles"   3.08
10. "Le Petit Lion"   2.26
11. "Déguisé en moi"   3.14
12. "Le Chant du mauvais cygne"   2.23
13. "Vampire en pyjama"   2.34

Dionysos Band Members / Musicians

Mathias Malzieu: vocals, folk guitar, harmonica

Michaël Ponton: electric guitar, banjo, xylophone, glockenspiel, programming, dobro guitar, chorus

Éric Serra-Tosio: drums, whistling, chorus

Stéphan Bertholio: bass, keyboard, folk guitar, musical saw, chorus

Élisabet Maistre: vocals, violin, banjo, chorus, programming, keyboards

Olivier Daviaud: arrangement of horns, chords and chorus, piano, cello, keyboard, chorus, mellotron

Le Quatuor Akilone

Émeline Concé: first violin

Élise De-Bendelac: second violin

Louise Desjardin: alto

Lucie Mercat: cello

Maxime Tomba
Pierre Badol

Vampire en pyjama is the 8th studio album by Dionysos, and was released on 29 January 2016, two days after Mathias Malzieu's novel, Journal d'un vampire en pyjama. The album was intended to be more acoustic than those before it and the lyrics are more personal. A mascote accompanies this album a man with a heart for a head, Heartman, frequently drawn by the band and its fans in the streets of their own towns.

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