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Finger Eleven - Life Turns Electric (2010)

Finger Eleven - Life Turns Electric (2010)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Any Moment Now"   3:07

2. "Pieces Fit"   3:09

3. "Whatever Doesn't Kill Me"   3:37

4. "Living in a Dream"   3:04

5. "Good Intentions"   3:04

6. "Stone Soul"   2:40

7. "Ordinary Life"   4:00

8. "Don't Look Down"   3:06

9. "Famous Last Words"   3:19

10. "Love's What You Left Me With"   3:22

Total length:   32:12

Bonus tracks

11. "Living in a Dream (Acoustic version)" (iTunes bonus track)   3:19

12. "Stone Soul (Demo)" (Telus bonus track)   2:18

Finger Eleven Band Members / Musicians

Scott Anderson - vocals

James Black - guitar, vocals

Rick Jackett - guitar

Sean Anderson - bass

Rich Beddoe - drums

James Black - production, art direction

Rick Jackett - production

Ross Petersen - engineering, editing, production

Chris Lord-Alge - mixing

John Alicastro - assistant engineering

Keith Armstrong - assistant engineering

Nik Karpen - assistant engineering

Brad Townsend - mixing

Andrew Schubert - mixing

Ryan Smith - mastering

Gregg Wattenberg - production on "Living in a Dream"

Rich Costey - mixing on "Living in a Dream"

Charles L. Stavish Jr. - mixing on "Living in a Dream"

Ted Jensen - mastering on "Living in a Dream"

Mike Mongillo - concept art

Michelle Lukianovich - concept art

Life Turns Electric is the 5th studio album from Canadian alternative rock band Finger Eleven. It was released by Wind-up Records on October 5, 2010, was the last studio album to feature drummer Rich Beddoe, and was nominated for Rock Album of the Year at the 2011 Juno Awards. "Living in a Dream" is the official theme song for the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble event that is produced by WWE.

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