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Jean-Jacques Goldman - Jean-Jacques Goldman (a.k.a Démodé) (1981)

Jean-Jacques Goldman - Jean-Jacques Goldman (a.k.a Démodé) (1981)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"A l'envers" – 3:54

"Sans un mot" – 3:29

"Brouillard" – 5:11

"Pas l'indifférence" – 4:12

"Il suffira d'un signe" – 5:50

"Je t'aimerai quand-même" – 4:54

"Autre histoire" – 4:19

"Quelque chose de bizarre" – 4:00

"Quel exil" – 2:59

"Le rapt" – 4:27

"Juste un petit moment" – 1:33

Jean-Jacques Goldman Band Members / Musicians

Guy Delacroix – bass

Clément Bailly – percussion

Jean-Jacques Goldman and Bernard Illouz – vocals

Max Middleton – keyboards

Jean-Jacques Goldman – acoustic and electric guitar

Patrice Tison – electric guitar

Georges Rodi – synthesizer

Démodé is Jean-Jacques Goldman's 1st solo album sung in French, set in 1981. It was recorded at the Studios Pathé in Paris and the Studio Vénus in Longueville. The album has also been released under the names A l'envers and Jean-Jacques Goldman. It was certified platinum in France for sales of 300,000 copies.

Jean-Jacques Goldman (French pronunciation: ​[ʒɑ̃.ʒak ɡɔldman]; born 11 October 1951) is a French singer-songwriter and music record producer. He is hugely popular in the French-speaking world. Since the death of Johnny Hallyday in 2017 he has been the highest grossing living French pop rock act. Born in Paris and active in the music scene since 1975, he had a highly successful solo career in the 1980s, and was part of the trio Fredericks Goldman Jones, releasing another string of hits in the 1990s.

He also wrote successful albums and songs for many artists, including D'eux for Céline Dion, which is the most successful French language record to date. He was also part of the Les Enfoirés charity collective from 1986 to 2016, and got his most notable official recognition in the English-speaking world for winning a Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1997, as a co-author of three tracks on Céline Dion's Falling into You. Despite a voluntary retirement from the music scene in the early 2000s, he remains highly appreciated and influential in France.

Jean-Jacques Goldman Discography Full

1981 Jean-Jacques Goldman (a.k.a Démodé)

1982 Jean-Jacques Goldman (a.k.a Minoritaire)

1984 Positif

1985 Non homologué

1987 Entre gris clair et gris foncé

1997 En passant

2001 Chansons pour les pieds

as Taï Phong

1975 Taï Phong

1976 Windows

1979 Last Flight

as Fredericks Goldman Jones

1990 Fredericks Goldman Jones

1993 Rouge

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