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Jean-Jacques Goldman - Jean-Jacques Goldman (a.k.a Minoritaire) (1982)

Jean-Jacques Goldman - Jean-Jacques Goldman (a.k.a Minoritaire) (1982)

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"Au bout de mes rêves"

"Comme toi"

"Toutes mes chaines"

"Jeanine Medicament Blues"

"Veiller tard"

"Quand la musique est bonne"

"Je ne vous parlerai pas d'elle"

"Être le premier"

"Si tu m'emmènes"


"Quand la bouteille est vide"

Jean-Jacques Goldman Band Members / Musicians

Guy Delacroix - bass

Christophe Deschamps, Marc Chantereau - percussion

Albane Alcalay, Guy Alcalay, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Jean-Pierre Janiaud - vocals

Jean-Yves d'Angelo, Jean-Jacques Goldman - keyboards

Claude Engel, Jean-Jacques Goldman - acoustic guitar

Claude Engel, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Nono Krief (Jeanine Medicament Blues, Minoritaire), Patrice Tison - electric guitar

"Jumpin" Ramon Roche - piano (Minoritaire)

Patrick Bourgoin, Philippe Delacroix-Herpin - saxophone

Georges Rodi - synthesizer

Patrick Mondon - violin (Comme toi)

Minoritaire was a 1982 album by Jean-Jacques Goldman, his 2nd solo album sung in French. It was certified platinum in France in 1983, another in 1991 and another in 2001, for a total sales of 900,000 copies.

It was recorded at the Studio Gang by Olivier do Espirito Santo and Jean-Pierre Janiaud. It was released by NEF and produced by Marc Lumbroso.

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