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Our Lady Peace - Somethingness (2018)

Our Lady Peace - Somethingness (2018)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Head Down"   3:31

2. "Nice to Meet You"   3:21

3. "Ballad of a Poet"   3:58

4. "Hiding Place for Hearts"   3:38

5. "Drop Me in the Water"   4:03

6. "Missing Pieces"   4:28

7. "Falling into Place"   3:24

8. "Let Me Live Again"   3:44

9. "Last Train"   3:30

Our Lady Peace Band Members / Musicians

Duncan Coutts – bass guitar, background vocals

Raine Maida – vocals, lyricist

Steve Mazur – guitar, background vocals

Jason Pierce – drums, percussion

Jason Lader – production, design, piano

Spike Stent – mixing

Brian Lucey – mastering

Somethingness is the 9th studio album by Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace (OLP). Produced under Warner Music Records label by Jason Lader, who also produced their preceding album Curve, this is the band's first studio album in nearly six years and it was promoted using the PledgeMusic platform, a website which facilitates musicians reaching out to their fans to market and distribute music.

It is the first OLP album to have been released in two separate volumes; Vol. 1 was released as an EP in August 2017, and the remainder of the album (initially referred to as Vol. 2) was released on February 23, 2018, and contained all of the songs from Vol. 1. The album is the first not to feature original drummer Jeremy Taggart, who departed from the band in 2014, and is the first to feature Jason Pierce, who officially replaced Taggart in 2016.

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