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Down by Law - All Scratched Up! (1996)

Down by Law - All Scratched Up! (1996)

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"Independence Day"

"Cheap Thrill"

"All American"

"Hell Song"

"True Believers"

"Counting Crows Must Die"

"Giving It All Away"

"Gruesome Gary"

"Radio Ragga"

"Attention: Anyone"


"Post Office Lament"

"Counting Crows Must Die"

"Ivory Girl"

"No Has Beens"

"Kevin's Song"

"True Music"

"Counting Crows Must Die"

"Far And Away"

"Punks And Drunks"

"Memories Are Made of This" (hidden track)

Vinyl edition bonus tracks:

Daily Occurance

Neon Skies

Going Underground

Dag Punk

World Without Me

Green Hills of Virginia

Counting Crows Must Die

All Scratched Up! is the 4th full-length album by Down by Law that was released in 1996. Vinyl versions of the album were released as a double album, with Side D consisting of vinyl-only bonus tracks. Three songs on the album ("True Believers," "Post Office Lament," and "True Music", one per vinyl side) end with different performances of a short song called "Counting Crows Must Die", with Side D ending in 7 different versions of the song.

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