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John Fogerty - Blue Moon Swamp (1997)

John Fogerty - Blue Moon Swamp (1997)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Southern Streamline"   3:56

2. "Hot Rod Heart"   3:26

3. "Blueboy"   4:04

4. "A Hundred and Ten in the Shade"   4:19

5. "Rattlesnake Highway"   4:17

6. "Bring It Down to Jelly Roll"   2:37

7. "Walking in a Hurricane"   3:41

8. "Swamp River Days"   3:36

9. "Rambunctious Boy"   3:51

10. "Joy of My Life"   3:52

11. "Blue Moon Nights"   2:33

12. "Bad Bad Boy"   4:26

Bonus tracks (2004 remaster)

13. "Just Pickin'"   2:08

14. "Endless Sleep"   2:36

John Fogerty Band Members / Musicians

John Fogerty – guitars, lap steel, dobro, handclaps, electric sitar, farfisa organ, tambourine (on "Bring It Down to Jelly Roll"), backing vocals (on "Walking in a Hurricane" and " Bad Bad Boy"), mandolin, irish bouzouki, vocals, arrangements, production

Kenny Aronoff – drums (on most tracks), percussion (on "Joy of my Life")

Chad Smith - drums (on "Walking in a Hurricane")

Chester Thompson - drums (on "Blueboy" and "Bad Bad Boy")

Vinnie Colaiuta - drums (on "Swamp River Days")

Eddie Bayers - drums (on "A Hundred and Ten in the Shade")

Jeff Donavan – drums (on "Southern Streamline" and "Blue Moon Nights")

Bob Glaub - bass (on most tracks), handclaps (on "Blueboy")

Donald Dunn - bass (on "Blueboy")

Howie Epstein - bass (on "Rambunctious Boy")

John Clayton - bass (on "A Hundred and Ten in the Shade")

Michael Rhodes - bass (on "Southern Streamline")

Phil Chen - bass (on "Bad Bad Boy")

Dave Taylor – bass (on "Walking in a Hurricane")

Luis Conte – clavé, maracas, tambourine, percussion, shaker

Lonesome River Band (Ronnie Bowman, Don Rigsby, Kenny Smith) – backing vocals (on "Southern Streamline" and "Rambunctious Boy")

The Waters (Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Oren Waters) – backing vocals (on "Blueboy")

The Fairfield Four (James Hill, Isaac Freeman, Wilson Waters, Jr., Robert Hamlett, Joe Rice) – backing vocals (on "A Hundred and Ten in the Shade")

Ryan Freeland - handclaps (on "Hot Rod Heart")

Bob Fogerty - handclaps

Andy Brauer - handclaps (on "Blueboy")

Tommy "V" Verdonck - handclaps (on "Bring It Down to Jelly Roll" and "Rambunctious Boy")

Lyndsay, Shane, Tyler, Julie - kids in the crowd (on "Blueboy")

Bob Clearmountain – mixing

John Lowson – engineering

Bob Ludwig – mastering (at Gateway Mastering Studios)

Bob Fogerty – personal management

Linda Cobb – art direction, design

Kip Lott – photography, CD label

Larry Corby – booklet back cover design

Lonesome River Band courtesy of Sugar Hill Records

Blue Moon Swamp is the 5th solo studio album by American singer/songwriter John Fogerty, released on May 20, 1997. Guest musicians, the Lonesome River Band, were invited to join in on backing vocals on "Southern Streamline" and "Rambunctious Boy". Other vocal backing was provided by The Waters on "Blueboy" and The Fairfield Four on "A Hundred and Ten in the Shade". Luis Conte accompanied on select songs as a guest percussionist. In 1998, Blue Moon Swamp won Best Rock Album at the 40th Grammy Awards. The track "Blueboy" was nominated for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

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