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Pure Prairie League - Can't Hold Back (1979)

Pure Prairie League - Can't Hold Back (1979)

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"Can't Hold Back" (Vince Gill) - 2:44

"I Can't Believe" (Gill) - 4:37

"Rude Rude Awakening" (Bruce Miller) - 3:52

"White Line" (Willie P. Bennett) - 4:25

"Misery Train" (Gill) - 4:30

"Restless Woman" (Steve Patrick Bolen, Michael Reilly) - 3:48

"I'm Goin' Away" (Gill) - 3:03

"Jerene" (Gill) - 0:58

"Livin' It Alone" (Bolen) - 3:11

"Fool Fool" (Max D. Barnes, Jerry McBee, Troy Seals) - 4:00

"Goodbye So Long" (Bolen, Reilly) - 3:00

Pure Prairie League Band Members / Musicians

Steve Patrick Bolen - acoustic guitar, guitar, vocals

Michael Connor - synthesizer, keyboards

Vince Gill - acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, guitar, violin, vocals

Michael Reilly - bass, vocals

Billy Hinds - drums

Jimmie Haskell - conductor

Mike Lewis - conductor

Tom Roady - percussion

David Sanborn - alto saxophone

Producers: Howard Albert, Ron Albert

Engineers: Pure Prairie League, Don Gehman

Assistant engineer: Kevin Ryan

Mixing: Don Gehman

String arrangements: Jimmie Haskell, Mike Lewis

Horn arrangements: Mike Lewis

Artwork: Shusei Nagaoka

Photography: Nick Sangiamo

Art Direction & Design: Tim Bryant

Can't Hold Back is the 7th studio album by American country rock band Pure Prairie League, released by RCA Records. It was the first album to feature future country music star Vince Gill, who had auditioned to replace one of the Goshorn brothers. Gill jammed with the band and they offered him the position of vocalist and guitar immediately. They were not unfamiliar with Gill as, according to band member Michael Reilly, “We had seen him play in 1976 when the band he was playing with opened up for us in Oklahoma City”, remarks Reilly. “We offered him the gig then, but he said, 'Oh no, I’m playing bluegrass'”. Two years later he came to Los Angeles with Byron Berline and Sundance, and after we jammed again for a few hours, we offered him the job on the spot and he accepted”.

Gill was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2007 after decades as an award winning (21 Grammys) solo act. Gill remained with Pure Prairie League for three albums.

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