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Titãs - Acústico MTV (1997)

Titãs - Acústico MTV (1997)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Comida" (Food)   5:22

2. "Go Back" (Contains a section of the poem "Farewell y Solosos" by Pablo Neruda)   3:50

3. "Família" (Family)   3:38

4. "Prá Dizer Adeus" (To Say Goodbye)   3:42

5. "Os Cegos do Castelo" (The Blind of the Castle)   4:50

6. "O Pulso"   3:19

7. "Marvin"   4:24

8. "Nem 5 Minutos Guardados" (Not Even 5 Minutes Kept)   4:05

9. "Flores" (Flowers)   3:35

10. "Palavras" (Words)   2:38

11. "Hereditário" (Hereditary)   2:31

12. "A Melhor Forma" (The Best Way)   3:11

13. "Cabeça Dinossauro (vinheta)" (Dinosaur Head (jingle))   0:37

14. "32 Dentes" (32 Teeth)   3:04

15. "Bichos Escrotos" (Freaky Critters)   1:44

16. "Não Vou Lutar" (I'm Not Gonna Fight)   3:09

17. "Homem Primata (vinheta)" (Primate Man (jingle))   0:34

18. "Homem Primata" (Primate Man)   3:18

19. "Polícia (vinheta)" (Police (jingle))   3:32

20. "Querem Meu Sangue (The Harder They Come)" (They Want My Blood (The Harder They Come)) Jimmy Cliff (version: Reis)   3:32

21. "Diversão" (Fun)   4:41

22. "Televisão" (Television)   4:53

Total length:   01:11:40

Titãs Band Members / Musicians

Branco Mello – lead vocals

Nando Reis – lead vocals, bass, acoustic guitar on "Os Cegos do Castelo"

Sérgio Britto – lead vocals, piano, Hammond organ

Paulo Miklos – lead vocals, mandolin

Marcelo Fromer – acoustic guitar

Tony Bellotto – Acoustic guitar, Twelve-string guitar, slide

Charles Gavin – drums

Guest performances

Arnaldo Antunes - lead vocals on "O Pulso"

Marisa Monte - lead vocals on "Flores"

Jimmy Cliff - lead vocals on "Querem Meu Sangue (The Harder They Come)"

Marina Lima - lead vocals on "Cabeça Dinossauro (vinheta)"

Fito Paez - lead vocals on "Go Back" and piano on "Televisão" (DVD version)

Rita Lee - lead vocals on "Televisão" (CD version)

Roberto de Carvalho - piano on "Televisão" (CD version)

Liminha – acoustic guitar, bass on "Os Cegos do Castelo"

Marcos Suzano – percussion

Antonella "Fievel" Pareschi – Violin

Mariana "Rapunzel" Salles – Violin

Cassia Passaroto – Cello

Maria Flavia Martins – Cello

Cristina Braga – Harp

Flavio de Mello – Trumpet

Vitor Santos – Trombone

Philip Doyle – Horn

José Canuto – Alto Saxophone

Marcelo Martins – Tenor Saxophone

Eduardo Morelenbaum – Bass clarinet

Artistic direction - Paulo Junqueiro

Base arrangements - Titãs and Liminha

Strings and brass arrangements - Jaques Morelenbaum, Liminha and Titãs

Brass arrangements ("Família", "Homem Primata", "Querem Meu Sangue"), brass and strings ("Diversão") - Marcelo Martins, Liminha and Titãs

Technical direction - Paulo Lima

Recording engineering - Vitor Farias

Recording assistants - Marcelo Calvario, Daniel Pires, Breno Gradel, Bruno Leite and Mario Léo

Additional engineers - Denilson Campos and Alexandre Saggesa

Mixing: U.M.Q.A. (Unidade Móvel Quiosque do Amor)

Mixing engineering - Vitor Farias and Liminha

Mixing assistants - Marcelo "Bro" Calvario, Mario Léo, Breno Gradel and Bruno Leite

Digital edition - Denilson Campos, Liminha and Titãs

Mastering engineering - Ricardo Garcia, Magic Master

Graphic project - Toni Vanzolini, Gualter Pupo and João Bonelli

Graphic coordination - Silvia Panella

Photos - Juan Steves, Marcelo Rossi, Mila Maluhy (Rita Lee) and Marcia Ramalho (Marina Lima)

Production (Titãs) - Nelson Damascena

Production assistant (Titãs) - Wilson Rosa

Roadies - Sombra Jones, Sergio Molina, Gerson Molina

Security - Lauro Silva e Luiz Gomes

Sound: MacAudio

P.A. Engineering - Carlos Pedruzzi

Monitor engineering - Andre Nogueira

Technician - Edilson Meireles

P.A. - Paulo Junqueiro

Light - Marcos Olivio / Spectrum

Costume design - Ellen Igersheimer

Scenery - Tom Vanzolini e Gualter Pupo

Roadies - Liminha e Breno Gradel

"Cabeça Dinossauro" - recorded at Unidade Móvel Quiosque do Amor, by Vitor Farias and Liminha.

Assistants - Marcelo "Bro" Calvario and Mário Léo

"Televisão" - recorded at Artmix, São Paulo, by Antoine Midani

Assistants - Alexandre Soares, Edgard Popó and Alexandre Russo

Acústico MTV is the 2nd live album released by Brazilian rock band Titãs. It's part of the MTV Unplugged series and resulted in a tour, a CD, a DVD and a TV special broadcast by MTV on 22 May from that year.

The show featured various guest performances, including Argentinian singer Fito Páez on "Go Back", Marisa Monte on "Flores", Jamaican Jimmy Cliff on "Querem Meu Sangue", and ex-Titãs singer Arnaldo Antunes on "O Pulso". Páez also sings and plays the piano on the DVD version of "Televisão", while the CD version (recorded in studio) is sung by guest Rita Lee and played by also guest Roberto de Carvalho. The CD also features a short version of "Cabeça Dinossauro" sung by Marina Lima. Maria Bethânia was also expected to perform a version of "Miséria".

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