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Titãs - Como Estão Vocês? (2003)

Titãs - Como Estão Vocês? (2003)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Nós Estamos Bem" (We Are Fine)   2:27

2. "Você é Minha" (You Are Mine)   2:46

3. "Gina Superstar"   2:30

4. "KGB"   3:44

5. "Livres Para Escolher" (Free to Choose)   3:43

6. "Eu Não Sou um Bom Lugar" (I Am Not a Good Place)   2:45

7. "Pra Você Ficar" (For You to Stay)   2:58

8. "Enquanto Houver Sol" (As Long as There's Sun)   3:02

9. "Esperando Para Atravessar a Rua" (Waiting to Cross the Street)   3:11

10. "Provas de Amor" (Love Proofs)   3:22

11. "Ser Estranho" (Strange Being)   3:12

12. "Vou Duvidar" (I'll Doubt It)   2:12

13. "Pelo Avesso" (Inside Out)   2:42

14. "A Guerra é Aqui" (The War Is Here)   3:14

15. "As Aventuras do Guitarrista Gourmet Atrás da Refeição Ideal" (The Adventures of Gourmet Guitarist After the Ideal Meal)   2:45

Titãs Band Members / Musicians

Branco Mello - lead vocals on tracks 3, 6, 9, 11 and 14; backing vocals on all tracks except 10, 15 and the ones in which he does lead vocals

Paulo Miklos - lead vocals on tracks 1, 4, 7, 10 and 15; backing vocals on all tracks except the ones in which he does lead vocals

Sérgio Britto - lead vocals on tracks 2, 5, 8, 12 and 13; backing vocals on all tracks except 15 and the ones in which he does lead vocals; piano on tracks 2, 5, 7, 8 and 13; electric piano on track 4; keyboard on tracks 8, 10, 14 and 15; Hammond on tracks 9, 10 and 11; Moog on track 10

Tony Bellotto - electric guitar on all tracks except 6 and 13; lead guitar on track 2; acoustic guitar on tracks 5, 6 and 13; twelve-string electric guitar on tracks 11 and 15

Charles Gavin - drums on all tracks except 15

Emerson Villani - electric guitar on all tracks except 6 and 13; twelve-string electric guitar on track 4; acoustic guitar on tracks 6 and 13; dobro on tracks 6 and 8; lead guitar on track 9; baritone guitar on tracks 10 and 11

Lee Marcucci - electric bass on all tracks

Marco Lobo - percussion on all tracks except 6, 10, 12 and 15

Liminha - electric guitar and dobro with EBow on track 8; acoustic bass on the introduction of "Pelo Avesso"

Conceived by Titãs and arranged by Branco Mello, Charles Gavin, Paulo Miklos, Sergio Britto, Tony Bellotto, Emerson Villani and Lee Marcucci

Production - Liminha

Artistic direction - Sérgio de Carvalho

BMG artistic direction - Sergio Bittencourt

Recording engineering - Vitor Farias, Liminha and Enrico de Paoli

Additional engineers - Julius César, Daniel Farias and Javier Naszewski

Studio assistants - Marcelo Tapajós

Mixing - Vitor Farias, Liminha and Titãs; except tracks 1, 11, 12 and 13, mixed by Enrico de Paoli, Liminha and Titãs; and "Eu Não Sou um Bom Lugar", mixed by Brad Gilderman

Mastering - Ricardo Garcia, Magic Master

Graphic project - Rogério Duarte e Rogério Duarte Filho

Graphic coordination - Emil Ferreira

Photography - Daniela Dacorso

Costume design - Patrícia Zuffa

Costume design assistant - Gustavo

Catering - Solange Ramos

Executive production - Nelson Damascena

Roadie - Frederico Fonseca

Como Estão Vocês? (Portuguese for "How Are You?") is the 12th studio album released by Brazilian rock band Titãs. It was the first album by the band without vocalist/bassist Nando Reis and also the first without any contribution by guitarist Marcelo Fromer. Fromer died after being hit by a motorcycle on 11 June 2001, but his ideas were still used for their then upcoming album A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana which would be recorded a few days later. Reis left the group in 2002 stating he wasn't prepared to record another album due to still being shaken by the deaths of both Fromer and his friend Cássia Eller. It is also their first release via BMG, following Abril Music's bankrupt.

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