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Ayreon - Ayreonauts Only (2000)

Ayreon - Ayreonauts Only (2000)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Into the Black Hole" (alternative version)   10:46

2. "Out of the White Hole" (alternative version)   7:11

3. "Through the Wormhole" (alternative version)   6:11

4. "Carpe Diem" (original 1992 demo, basis for "Chaos")   (Instrumental)   4:11

5. "Temple of the Cat" (alternative acoustic version)   3:11

6. "Original Hippie's Amazing Trip" (alternative medley of the Hippie's parts from Into the Electric Castle)   6:35

7. "Beyond the Last Horizon" (alternative version)   5:35

8. "The Charm of the Seer" (alternative version)   3:35

9. "Eyes of Time" (alternative version)   5:05

10. "Nature's Dance" (alternative version)   2:33

11. "Cold Metal" (by Ambeon)   7:10


Ayreon Band Members / Musicians

Lana Lane - vocals on "Into the Black Hole"

Damian Wilson (ex-Threshold) - vocals on "Into the Black Hole"

Robert Soeterboek - vocals on "Out of the White Hole" and "Beyond the Last Horizon"

Ian Parry (ex-Vengeance) - vocals on "Through the Wormhole"

Astrid van der Veen (Ambeon) - vocals on "Temple of the Cat" and "Cold Metal"

Mouse - vocals on "Original Hippie's Amazing Trip"

Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering) - vocals on "Original Hippie's Amazing Trip"

Edward Reekers (Kayak) - vocals on "Original Hippie's Amazing Trip"

Gary Hughes (Ten - vocals on "Beyond the Last Horizon"

Okkie Huijsdens - vocals on "Beyond the Last Horizon"

Arjen Anthony Lucassen - vocals on "The Charm of the Seer" and "Nature's Dance"

Leon Goewie (ex-Vengeance) - vocals on "Eyes of Time"

Instrumentalists and production

Arjen Anthony Lucassen - guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, production, mixing

Peter Vink - Bass on "Carpe Diem"

Cleem Determeyer - keyboards on "Carpe Diem"

Rene Merkelbach - keyboard

Ernst van Ee - drums

Stephen van Haestregt - drums on "Beyond the Last Horizon" and "Cold Metal"

Ayreonauts Only is the 1st compilation album by Dutch progressive metal project Ayreon by Arjen Anthony Lucassen, released in 2000. Although categorized as a compilation album, it consists only of previously unreleased material, with alternate versions of Ayreon songs with different singers, demos, and of the song "Cold Metal" from Lucassen's then-upcoming project Ambeon.

The album's name comes from the fact that, according to Lucassen, it is "intended primarily for die-hard Ayreon fans". It is notable for featuring vocals by Ian Parry and Leon Goewie, two former bandmates of Lucassen on his former band Vengeance.

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