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The Beatles - The Beatles' Story (1964)

The Beatles - The Beatles' Story (1964)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "On Stage with the Beatles"   1:03

2. "How Beatlemania Began"   1:20

3. "Beatlemania in Action"   1:25

4. "Man Behind the Beatles – Brian Epstein"   2:47

5. "John Lennon"   5:50

6. "Who's a Millionaire?"   0:39

Total length:   13:04

Side two

1. "Beatles Will Be Beatles"   7:28

2. "Man Behind the Music – George Martin"   1:04

3. "George Harrison"   4:46

Total length:   13:18

Side three

1. "A Hard Day's Night – Their First Movie"   3:08

2. "Paul McCartney"   2:45

3. "Sneaky Haircuts and More About Paul"   3:29

Total length:   9:22

Side four

1. "The Beatles Look at Life"   2:05

2. "'Victims' of Beatlemania"   1:10

3. "Beatle Medley"   3:58

4. "Ringo Starr"   6:24

5. "Liverpool and All the World!"   1:05

Total length:   14:42


Portions of the following songs appear on the album

"I Want to Hold Your Hand"

"Slow Down"

"This Boy"

"You Can't Do That"

"Can't Buy Me Love"

"If I Fell"

"And I Love Her"

"A Hard Day's Night"

"Twist and Shout" (live)

"Things We Said Today"

"I'm Happy Just to Dance with You"

"Little Child"

"Long Tall Sally"

"She Loves You"


The Beatles' Story is the 6th album by the English rock band the Beatles in the United States, issued on 23 November 1964 by Capitol Records. It is a documentary double album featuring interviews, press conferences, and snippets of original or orchestral versions of Beatles songs, with voice-over narration. The album's original liner notes described it as a "narrative and musical biography" of Beatlemania. It was produced by Los Angeles–based songwriter and producer Gary Usher and disc jockey and lyricist Roger Christian, and narrated by John Babcock, Al Wiman and Christian.

Capitol issued the album in response to the Vee-Jay Records LP Hear the Beatles Tell All, a compilation of radio interviews with the band carried out by Los Angeles disc jockeys. The company also sought to compete with unauthorised Beatles interview records issued by the Radio Pulse Beat label, which released three such LPs hosted by Ed Rudy. The Beatles' Story peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Top LPs chart and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. In 2014, Capitol reissued the album as part of the Beatles' U.S. Albums box set.

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