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Queen - Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl (Live) (2004)

Queen - Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl (Live) (2004)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Disc 1
1. "Flash"   1:54
2. "The Hero"   1:44
3. "We Will Rock You (Fast)"   3:17
4. "Action This Day"   4:52
5. "Play the Game"   4:30
6. "Staying Power"   4:03
7. "Somebody to Love"   7:53
8. "Now I'm Here"   6:18
9. "Dragon Attack"   4:16
10. "Now I'm Here (Reprise)"   2:21
11. "Love of My Life"   4:22
12. "Save Me"   4:00
13. "Back Chat"   5:00

Total length:   54:24

Disc 2
1. "Get Down, Make Love"   (not included on the China or Hong Kong release)   3:39
2. "Brighton Rock"   6:22
3. "Under Pressure"   3:47
4. "Fat Bottomed Girls"   (not included on the China or Hong Kong release)   5:25
5. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"   4:15
6. "Bohemian Rhapsody"   5:38
7. "Tie Your Mother Down"   4:09
8. "Another One Bites the Dust"   3:49
9. "Sheer Heart Attack"   3:25
10. "We Will Rock You"   2:08
11. "We Are the Champions"   3:28
12. "God Save the Queen"   1:24

Total length:   47:29

DVD bonus material
MK Bowl backstage interview
Freddie Mercury interview
Brian May and Roger Taylor interviews

Songs from concert at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria on 12 May 1982
"Another One Bites the Dust"
"We Will Rock You"
"We Are the Champions"
"God Save the Queen"

Songs from concert at Seibu Lions Stadium, Tokorozawa, Japan on 3 November 1982
"Flash / The Hero"
"Now I'm Here"
"Put Out the Fire"
"Dragon Attack"
"Now I'm Here (Reprise)"
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
"Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)"
Photo gallery (Calling All Girls)

Queen Band Members / Musicians
Freddie Mercury – lead vocals, piano, acoustic guitar on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

Brian May – guitars, vocals, piano on "Save Me"

Roger Taylor – drums, percussion, vocals, co-lead vocals on verses of "Action This Day", and co-lead vocals on "Sheer Heart Attack"

John Deacon – bass guitar, rhythm guitar on "Staying Power", additional backing vocals on "Somebody to Love" and "Back Chat"

Morgan Fisher – keyboards, piano

Justin Shirley-Smith – mix producer
Kris Fredriksson – Pro Tools HD
Reinhold Mack – recording engineer
Mick McKenna – second recording engineer
Tim Young – mastering
Richard Gray – artwork
Denis O'Regan – photography

Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl is a DVD/live album by the British rock band Queen released on 25 October 2004 in Europe and on 9 November 2004 in the US. It was recorded live at the Milton Keynes Bowl, Buckinghamshire, England, on 5 June 1982 during the Hot Space Tour. A DVD was also released with the complete concert and bonus material, such as band interviews and tour highlights.

In 2005, the album was also released as an LP. In the UK, the DVD made No. 1 and CD, No. 20 in the DVD and CD chart respectively. In the US, neither the DVD nor album charted.

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