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Charlie Brown Jr. - Abalando a Sua Fábrica (2001)

Charlie Brown Jr. - Abalando a Sua Fábrica (2001)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Eu Protesto"   (I Protest)   4:28

2. "Hoje Eu Acordei Feliz"   (I Woke Up Happy Today)   2:18

3. "Sino Dourado"   (Golden Bell)   2:41

4. "Quebra-Mar"   Breakwater)   2:57

5. "Lugar ao Sol"   (A Place by the Sun)   3:32

6. "Descubra o que Há de Errado com Você"   (Find Out What's Wrong with You)   1:39

7. "Só Lazer"   (Just for Fun)   2:58

8. "Você Vai de Limusine, Eu Vou de Trem"   (You Take the Limo, I Take the Train)   2:57

9. "O Lado Certo da Vida Errada"   (The Right Side of the Wrong Life)   1:49

10. "T.F.D.P."   2:51

11. "Tudo pro Alto"   (Everything High)   3:23

12. "Como Tudo Deve Ser"   (As Everything Was Supposed to Be)   4:33


Charlie Brown Jr. Band Members / Musicians

Chorão – vocals

Champignon – bass guitar

Marcão – guitars

Renato Pelado – drums

Torcuato Mariano – A&R

Carlo Bartolini – production, mixing, recording

Carlos Freitas – mastering

Jade Pereira – mastering assistant

Lulu Farah, Sanclair Lima – digital editing

Outhenberg Pereira, Leonardo Waack, Marco Hoffer – additional engineering

Abalando a Sua Fábrica (Portuguese for "Shaking Your Premises"), also referred to as 100% Charlie Brown Jr. – Abalando a Sua Fábrica as per the cover, is the fourth album by Brazilian alternative rock band Charlie Brown Jr. Released on April 30, 2001 through EMI, it was the band's first album not to come out through Virgin Records, to count with guest appearances by other musicians, and to be produced by either Rick Bonadio or Tadeu Patolla.

Abalando a Sua Fábrica sees the band shifting away from their previous rap rock-inflected sonority, advancing towards a "rawer" style more influenced by punk and garage rock. It was also recorded with all instrumental parts simultaneously instead of one at a time, as if they were recording live. The album spawned three hit singles: "Lugar ao Sol", "Hoje Eu Acordei Feliz" (which had a critically acclaimed music video directed by filmmaker André Abujamra) and "Como Tudo Deve Ser", included in the soundtrack of SBT's reality show Casa dos Artistas. Selling over 100,000 copies, it won a Gold certification by Pro-Música Brasil.

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