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Charlie Brown Jr. - Bocas Ordinárias (2002)

Charlie Brown Jr. - Bocas Ordinárias (2002)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Papo Reto"   Real Talk (Sex Is Pleasure, Everything Else Is Business)   3:30

2. "Hoje Eu Só Procuro a Minha Paz"   Today I'm Only Searching for My Peace   4:12

3. "Baader–Meinhof Blues"   (Legião Urbana cover)   2:53

4. "Só por uma Noite"   Just for a Night   3:23

5. "My Mini Ramp"   2:12

6. "Bocas Ordinárias, Guerrilha"   Ordinary Mouths, Guerrilla   4:16

7. "Não Fure os Olhos da Verdade"   Don't Pierce the Eyes of Truth   2:47

8. "Sou Quem Eu Sou (O que É Seu Também É Meu e o que É Meu Não É Nosso)"   I Am Who I Am (What's Yours Is Also Mine and What's Mine Isn't Ours)   3:19

9. "Com Minha Loucura Faço Meu Dinheiro, com Meu Dinheiro Faço Minhas Loucuras"   With My Madness I Make My Money, with My Money I Make My Madness   2:28

10. "Somos Poucos, Mas Somos Loucos"   We're Few, but We're Insane   5:30

11. "Com a Boca Amargando"   With a Bitter Mouth   5:04

12. "Tarja Preta"   Black Sash   2:46


Charlie Brown Jr. Band Members / Musicians

Chorão – vocals

Champignon – bass guitar

Marcão – guitar

Renato Pelado – drums

Jorge Davidson – A&R

Charlie Brown Jr. – arrangements

Tadeu Patolla – production

Tadeu Patolla, Paulo Anhaia, Lampadinha and Renato Patriarca – recording

Edgar, Pistão and Nilton Baloni – recording assistants

Tadeu Patolla and Paulo Anhaia – mixing

Rodrigo Castanho – mastering

Celso Costa – production assistant

Adrian Philippe – executive production

Bocas Ordinárias (Portuguese for "Ordinary Mouths") is the fifth album by Brazilian alternative rock band Charlie Brown Jr., released in December 2002 through EMI. Vocalist Chorão described it as a "sequel of sorts" to Abalando a Sua Fábrica, in which it continues the heavy aggressiveness of its predecessor, and dedicated it to his friend, fellow singer Cássia Eller, who died the year prior. The album's title comes from a Portuguese popular expression; saying someone has a "boca ordinária" means that they are foulmouthed. Chorão got acquainted with the expression after reading a negative critic from a Portuguese newspaper after the band performed in Portugal in 2002 as part of their international tour, and decided it would be the name of their next album.

Considered one of the band's finest albums by fans and critics alike, it spawned the hit singles "Papo Reto (Prazer É Sexo, o Resto É Negócio)" and "Só por uma Noite", included in the soundtrack of the tenth season of long-running soap opera Malhação (2003–2004). Also notable are "Baader–Meinhof Blues", a cover of Legião Urbana – the first cover version recorded by Charlie Brown Jr. –, and "My Mini Ramp", the band's first song fully written in English since the release of their self-titled demo tape in 1994. It sold over 500,000 copies, receiving a Gold certification by Pro-Música Brasil, and was also nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Rock or Alternative Album in 2003.

In 2019, to celebrate its 17th anniversary, Universal Music re-released Bocas Ordinárias in vinyl format.

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