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Charlie Brown Jr. - Tamo Aí na Atividade (2004)

Charlie Brown Jr. - Tamo Aí na Atividade (2004)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Malabarizando (Quem É de Fé Continua com a Gente)"   Juggling (Those Who Have Faith Keep Up with Us)   1:40

2. "Champanhe e Água Benta"   Champagne and Holy Water   2:31

3. "Tamo Aí na Atividade"   Here We Are, Up to Something   3:39

4. "Eu Vim de Santos, Sou Charlie Brown"   I Came from Santos, I'm Charlie Brown   4:06

5. "So Far Away"   2:21

6. "Longe de Você"   Far Away from You   3:22

7. "Di-SK8 Eu Vim"   Skateboarding I Came   1:18

8. "Di-SK8 Eu Vou"   Skateboarding I'll Go   3:21

9. "Vivendo Nesse Absurdo"   Living in This Absurd   4:33

10. "Todos Iguais"   All the Same   4:03

11. "Cheirando Cola"   Sniffing Glue   1:34

12. "O Errado que Deu Certo"   The Wrong That Made a Right   2:50

13. "Malokêro SK8 Board"   2:09

14. "Indicados para o Prêmio Nobel da Paz"   Nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize   2:06

15. "O Lixo e o Luxo"   Trash and Luxury   2:43


Charlie Brown Jr. Band Members / Musicians

Chorão – vocals

Champignon – bass guitar, backing vocals, beatboxing, drums in "Todos Iguais"

Marcão – electric guitar

Renato Pelado – drums

DJ Fernando – scratches in "Di-SK8 Eu Vim" and "Eu Vim de Santos, Sou Charlie Brown"

Tamo Aí na Atividade (Portuguese for "Here We Are, Up to Something") is the 6th studio album by Brazilian alternative rock band Charlie Brown Jr., released in December 2004 through EMI. The band's first album since 1999's Preço Curto... Prazo Longo to be produced by Rick Bonadio, it spawned the hit singles "Champanhe e Água Benta" and the titular "Tamo Aí na Atividade". Also notable is "Todos Iguais", the only credited work of bassist Champignon as a drummer in all of his career. The music video for "Champanhe e Água Benta" received nominations for the MTV Video Music Brazil award in the "Video of the Year", "Best Rock Video" and "Best Editing in a Video" categories in 2005; directors Roberto Oliveira and Alex Miranda were nominated in the "Best Direction in a Video" category.

It received positive reviews upon its release, awarding the band a Multishow Brazilian Music Award nomination and a Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Rock or Alternative Album in 2005; the first one to be won by Charlie Brown Jr. after their previous works Nadando com os Tubarões and Bocas Ordinárias received nominations. Selling over 100,000 copies, it received a Platinum certification by Pro-Música Brasil.

The recording sessions of Tamo Aí na Atividade were plagued by creative divergences and clashes between vocalist Chorão and his bandmates, which led to a deterioration of the relations between them. In 2005, shortly after the album's release, Champignon, guitarist Marcão and drummer Renato Pelado all left Charlie Brown Jr., and Chorão put the band on hold for a brief period of time before reactivating it with a new line-up. Champignon and Marcão would only return to the group in 2011.

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