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Charlie Brown Jr. - La Familia 013 (2013)

Charlie Brown Jr. - La Familia 013 (2013)

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1. "Um Dia a Gente se Encontra"   Someday We'll Meet Again   3:04

2. "Fina Arte"   Fine Art   3:02

3. "Cheia de Vida"   Full of Life   2:42

4. "Meu Novo Mundo"   My New World   3:27

5. "Do Jeito que Eu Gosto, do Jeito que Eu Quero"   The Way I Like It, the Way I Want It   4:27

6. "Rock Star"   3:18

7. "Vem Ser Minha"   Come and Be Mine   4:38

8. "Hoje Sou Eu que Não Mais te Quero"   Today I'm the One Who Doesn't Want You   5:03

9. "Camisa Preta"   Black Shirt   4:16

10. "Vou Me Embriagar de Você"   I'll Get Drunk on You   4:25

11. "A Mais Linda do Bar"   The Prettiest Girl in the Bar   3:34

12. "Samba Triste"   Sad Samba   4:50

13. "Contrastes da Vida"   Contrasts of Life   2:42


Charlie Brown Jr. Band Members / Musicians

Chorão – vocals, electric guitar (tracks 3, 6, 9 and 11), classical guitar (track 13)

Champignon – bass guitar, beatboxing

Marcão – electric guitar, classical guitar

Thiago Castanho – electric guitar, classical guitar, keyboards

Bruno Graveto – drums

Tadeu Patolla – direction

Lampadinha – mastering

La Familia 013 (Spanish for "The 013 Family") is the 10th and final studio album by Brazilian alternative rock band Charlie Brown Jr. After a series of delays caused by the death of vocalist Chorão and the suicide of bassist Champignon, it was released posthumously through Som Livre on October 8, 2013. The "013" in its title is a reference to the area code of the city of Santos, where the band hails from.

The album was positively received upon its release, with many calling it an "appropriate swan song" for the band. Alexandre Abrão, Chorão's son, called it "[his] father's most autobiographical album", and the band's manager, Samantha Pereira de Jesus, said that it would be "[Chorão's] lifelong legacy". It sold over 40,000 copies, receiving a Gold certification by Pro-Música Brasil, and in 2014 it was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Rock or Alternative Album; the band's fifth release to receive a nomination following Nadando com os Tubarões, Bocas Ordinárias, Imunidade Musical and Ritmo, Ritual e Responsa.

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