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Cream - Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-5-6, 2005 (Live) (2005)

Cream - Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-5-6, 2005 (Live) (2005)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Disc one
"I'm So Glad" (Skip James)  – 6:18

"Spoonful" (Willie Dixon)  – 7:29
"Outside Woman Blues" (Blind Joe Reynolds, arr. Clapton)  – 4:33

"Pressed Rat and Warthog" (Ginger Baker, Mike Taylor)  – 3:21

"Sleepy Time Time" 1 (Jack Bruce, Janet Godfrey)  – 6:08

"N.S.U." (Bruce)  – 6:02

"Badge" 1 (Eric Clapton, George Harrison)  – 3:59

"Politician" (Bruce, Pete Brown)  – 5:08

"Sweet Wine" (Baker, Godfrey)  – 6:28

"Rollin' and Tumblin'" (Hambone Willie Newbern)  – 5:02

"Stormy Monday" 2 (T-Bone Walker)  – 8:09

"Deserted Cities of the Heart" (Bruce, Brown)  – 3:56

Disc two
"Born Under a Bad Sign" (William Bell, Booker T. Jones)  – 5:31
"We're Going Wrong" (Bruce)  – 8:26

"Crossroads" (Robert Johnson, arr. Clapton)  – 4:25

"White Room" 1 (Bruce, Brown)  – 5:39

"Toad" (drum solo) 2 (Baker)  – 10:07

"Sunshine of Your Love" 1 (Bruce, Clapton, Brown)  – 8:46

"Sleepy Time Time" 1 (Alternate) (Bruce, Godfrey)  – 6:07

DVD track listing

Disc one
"I'm So Glad" (James)
"Spoonful" (Dixon)
"Outside Woman Blues" (Reynolds; arr. Clapton)
"Pressed Rat and Warthog" (Baker, Taylor)
"Sleepy Time Time" 1 (Bruce, Godfrey)
"N.S.U." (Bruce)
"Badge" 1 (Clapton, Harrison)
"Politician" (Bruce, Brown)
"Sweet Wine" (Baker, Godfrey)
"Rollin' and Tumblin'" (Newbern)
"Stormy Monday" 2 (Walker)
"Deserted Cities of the Heart" 1 (Bruce, Brown)
"Born Under a Bad Sign" (Bell, Jones)
"We're Going Wrong" (Bruce)
"Sleepy Time Time" (Alternate Take) (Bruce, Godfrey) (Extra feature)
"We're Going Wrong" (Alternate Take) 1 (Bruce) (Extra feature)

Disc two
"Crossroads" (Johnson; arr. Clapton)
"Sitting on Top of the World" (Walter Vinson, Lonnie Chatmon; arr. Chester Burnett)
"White Room" 1 (Bruce, Brown)
"Toad" 2 (Baker)
"Sunshine of Your Love" 1 (Bruce, Clapton, Brown)
"Sunshine of Your Love" (Alternate Take) (Bruce, Clapton, Brown) (Extra feature)
Interviews with Baker, Bruce and Clapton (Extra feature)

Although the title mentions all four dates Cream played in May 2005, these releases contain no performances recorded 2 May. However, there is a brief clip shown on the DVD of Clapton speaking to the crowd recorded on the first night.
^1 These tracks recorded 3 May.
^2 These tracks recorded 5 May.
All other tracks recorded 6 May.
The recording of "Sitting on Top of the World", the alternate takes of "We're Going Wrong" and "Sunshine of Your Love" and the interviews are exclusive to the DVD set. All other tracks are identical to the CD release.

Cream Band Members / Musicians
Jack Bruce – vocals, bass guitar, harmonica
Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Ginger Baker – drums, cowbells, vocals

Simon Climie – audio production
Mick Guzauski – audio mixer
Alan Douglas – Recording Engineer

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