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Enrique Bunbury - Pequeño (1999)

Enrique Bunbury - Pequeño (1999)

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1.   Algo en común (Something in common)

2.   Infinito (Infinite)

3.   El Extranjero (The foreigner)

4.   Solo si me perdonas (Only if you forgive me)

5.   El viento a favor (The right wind)

6.   Lejos de la tristeza (Far from sadness)

7.   Dudar, quizás (Doubt? Maybe)

8.   Demasiado tarde (Too late)

9.   De mayor (When I'm older)

10.   Bailando con el enemigo (Dancing with the enemy)

11.   Robinson

12.   Contradictorio (Contradictory)

Pequeño is the 2nd album of the solo artist Enrique Bunbury made in 1999. Something different of anything done before by Bunbury, his dream to re-invent himself was accomplished.

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