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John Lennon - Shaved Fish (Compilation) (1975)

John Lennon - Shaved Fish (Compilation) (1975)

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Side one

1. "Give Peace a Chance"   0:57

Only the first minute of "Give Peace a Chance"

Issued as a single 4 July 1969 (UK) and 7 July 1969 (US)

Credited to Lennon–McCartney on the original single issue and vinyl edition of Shaved Fish, the song now appears as credited to Lennon alone

2. "Cold Turkey"   5:01

Issued as a single 20 October 1969 (US) and 24 October 1969 (UK)

3. "Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)"   3:21

UK single mix, issued as a single in the UK on 6 February 1970; a different mix was issued as a single in the US on 20 February 1970

4. "Power to the People"   3:21

Issued as a single 12 March 1971 (UK) and 22 March 1971 (US)

5. "Mother"   5:03

From the album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (1970)

Exclusive edit, different from the single edit issued on 28 December 1970 (US). This edit includes the bells at the intro not present on the single edit, and fades out later than the single but earlier than the LP version

6. "Woman Is the Nigger of the World" (John Lennon, Yoko Ono)   4:37

From the album Some Time in New York City (1972)

Exclusive edit; a longer version had been released on an American single on 24 April 1972 and on the LP

Side two

1. "Imagine"   3:02

From the album Imagine (1971)

Issued as a single 11 October 1971 (US) and 24 October 1975 (UK)

2. "Whatever Gets You thru the Night"   3:03

From the album Walls and Bridges (1974)

With Elton John on piano and backing vocals

Exclusive edit. The single, issued 23 September 1974 (US) and 4 October 1974 (UK)[29] ran for 3:20, while the LP version was 3:24

3. "Mind Games" 4:12

From the album Mind Games (1973)

Issued as a single 29 October 1973 (US) and 16 November 1973 (UK)

4. "#9 Dream"   4:47

From the album Walls and Bridges

Issued as a single 16 December 1974 (US) and 31 January 1975 (UK)

5. "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" /

"Give Peace a Chance (Reprise)" (Lennon, Ono)   4:15

"Happy Xmas" issued as a single on 1 December 1971 (US) and 24 November 1972 (UK)

An excerpt from a live performance of "Give Peace a Chance" recorded at the 1972 "One to One" concerts is crossfaded onto the song's ending

Shaved Fish is a compilation album by English rock musician John Lennon with the Plastic Ono Band, issued in October 1975 on Apple Records. It contains all of the singles that he had issued up to that point in the United States as a solo artist, with the exception of "Stand by Me", which had been released earlier that year. The only compilation of Lennon's non-Beatles recordings released during his lifetime, the album peaked at number 8 in the UK and number 12 in the US. It was also Lennon's final album released on Apple Records before it was shut down in 1975 and revived in the 1990s.

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