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Leningrad Cowboys - 1917–1987 (1987)

Leningrad Cowboys - 1917–1987 (1987)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Ballad of the Leningrad Cowboy"   4:08
2. "L.A. Woman"   4:55
3. "Crash the Door"   4:03
4. "Thru the Wire"   5:25
5. "The Beast in Me"   3:28
6. "In the Ghetto"   4:43
7. "Sodom and Gomorra"   4:56
8. "Rocky VI."   7:33

Leningrad Cowboys Band Members / Musicians

Pirjo Laine and Nico Ramsden: Guitar on "The Beast in Me"

Mixed by Jari Laaanen, Mark Smith and Nick Tesco

"L.A. Woman"

AMT/ AMTS-107 (Finland)
"L.A. Woman" - 4:54
"Thru the Wire" - 5:23
"In the Ghetto"

AMT/ AMTS 12-108 (Finland)
"In the Ghetto" - 4:34
"The Beast in Me" - 7:32

1917–1987 is the first studio album by the Leningrad Cowboys, released in 1987.

The Leningrad Cowboys are a Finnish rock band who perform rock and roll covers of other songs. They have exaggerated pompadour hairstyles and wear long, pointy shoes. They often work with the Russian military band the Alexandrov Ensemble.

The band was an invention of the Finnish film director Aki Kaurismäki together with Sakke Järvenpää and Mato Valtonen, members of the Finnish comedy rock band Sleepy Sleepers. The three of them conceived the band in a bar in 1986 as a joke on the waning power of the Soviet Union. The two musicians expressed their wishes that Kaurismäki would direct their first music video, which resulted in the short film Rocky VI (1986). After two further short films, "Thru the Wire" (1987) and "L.A. Woman" (1988), Kaurismäki decided to direct a feature film about them, Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989).

After Leningrad Cowboys Go America
December 2012 saw the release of an animated Christmas video featuring Dog'Y'Dog, a dog resembling the dog from the "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" video. The video also featured a cover of "Christmas in Hollis" from an upcoming Leningrad Cowboys album for Christmas 2013.

Red X-Mas was a tour of Finland by the Leningrad Cowboys and the Russian Air Force Choir from 27 November to 7 December 2013, featuring over 60 performers.

In co-production with Anima Vitae, Leningrad cowboys is producing an animated feature Dog'y'dog featuring the half-Siberian/half-Mexican dog (from their "Christmas in Hollis" music video) traveling from Siberia to Mexico via the US.

Dog'y'Dog also appeared in the Bonehead game for Android developed by Leningrad Cowboys Studios and Fingersoft and released 13 May 2014.

Leningrad Cowboys Band Members / Musicians
Ville Tuomi: lead vocals (2011–)
Sakke Järvenpää: vocals (1986–)
Varre Vartiainen: guitar (2003–)
Pauli Hauta-aho: guitar (2011–)
Timo Tolonen: bass (2003–)
Sami Järvinen: drums (2011–)
Okke Komulainen: keyboards, accordion (2011–)
Tume Uusitalo: vocals, guitar (2003–)
Pemo Ojala: trumpet, Mitten (1991–)
Pope Puolitaival: saxophone (2003–)
Jay Kortehisto: trombone (2003–)
Anna Sainila: dancer, vocals (2011–)
Hanna Moisala: dancer, vocals (2011–)

Leningrad Cowboys Discography Full
1987 1917–1987
1989 Leningrad Cowboys Go America
1992 We Cum From Brooklyn
1994 Happy Together
1996 Go Space
1997 Mongolian Barbeque
2000 Terzo Mondo
2006 Zombies Paradise
2011 Buena Vodka Social Club
2013 Merry Christmas

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