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Midnight Oil - Earth and Sun and Moon (1993)

Midnight Oil - Earth and Sun and Moon (1993)

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1. "Feeding Frenzy"   5:07

2. "My Country"   4:51

3. "Renaissance Man"   4:41

4. "Earth and Sun and Moon"   4:33

5. "Truganini"   5:11

6. "Bushfire"   4:36

7. "Drums of Heaven"   5:31

8. "Outbreak of Love"   5:14

9. "In the Valley"   4:41

10. "Tell Me the Truth"   4:06

11. "Now or Never Land"   5:22

Midnight Oil Band Members / Musicians

Peter Garrett – lead vocals, harmonica

Bones Hillman – bass guitar, vocals

Rob Hirst – drums, vocals

Jim Moginie – guitar, keyboards, vocals

Martin Rotsey – guitar

Producer – Nick Launay, Midnight Oil

Engineer – Brent Clark, Nick Launay

Mastering – Tony Cousins

Mixing – Nick Launay

Design – Kevin Wilkins, Craig Simmons, Midnight Oil

Earth and Sun and Moon is the 8th studio album by Australian rock group, Midnight Oil, that was released in April 1993 under the Columbia Records label. It peaked at No.2 on the ARIA Albums Chart

Midnight Oil's Earth and Sun and Moon album, produced with Nick Launay, was released in April 1993 and peaked at No. 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart, top 20 in Sweden and Switzerland, Top 50 on Billboard 200, and top thirty in the UK albums chart. The single "Truganini" referenced multiple issues, including the 'last' Tasmanian Aboriginal, the treatment of indigenous artist Albert Namatjira, the Australian flag debate, and republicanism. Liner notes for the single claimed "Truganini was the sole surviving Tasmanian Aborigine, the last of her race, when she died in 1876." The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, representing over 7000 contemporary Tasmanians, called for the single to be boycotted as it perpetuated a 'white' myth about the extinction of Tasmanian Aborigines. Their Native Title claims hinged upon establishing links with ancestral lands. Gary Morris, their manager, responded with, "My suggestion to these people is to stop shooting themselves in the foot and let a band like Midnight Oil voice its appeal to White Australia on behalf of Black Australia". Critics contended that Morris disparaged Indigenous Australians' ability to represent themselves and overestimated Midnight Oil's ambassadorial powers while diminishing their errors, while some indigenous activists saw benefit in Midnight Oil's highlighting of the issues. Nevertheless, "Truganini" released in March peaked at No. 10 on the ARIA singles charts, No. 10 on Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks and No. 4 on their Modern Rock Tracks charts, and top 30 for the UK charts.

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