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Scandal - Kiss from the Darkness (2020)

Scandal - Kiss from the Darkness (2020)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Tonight"   3:43

2. "Masterpiece (マスターピース)"   4:19

3. "Fuzzy"   4:47

4. "Saishūheiki, Kimi (最終兵器、君)"   3:55

5. "Laundry Laundry (ランドリーランドリー)"   4:17

6. "Neon Town Escape"   4:25

7. "Ceramic Blue (セラミックブルー)"   3:58

8. "Kinenbi (記念日)"   4:51

9. "Mabataki (まばたき)"   3:49

10. "A.M.D.K.J."   3:36

11. "Tsuki (月)"   4:23

12. "You Go Girl! (Hidden Bonus Track)"   

Total length:   46:06


Scandal Band Members / Musicians

Haruna – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, claves on "Laundry Laundry", shaker on "Neon Town Escape"

Mami – lead guitar, backing vocals, cabasa on "Laundry Laundry", glockenspiel on "Kinenbi"

Tomomi – bass, backing vocals, lead vocals, sleigh bells and finger snap on "Laundry Laundry"

Rina – drums, backing vocals, tambourine on "Kinenbi"


Sasuke – arranger and producer of "Tonight"

Keita Kawaguchi – arranger of "Masterpiece"

Yusuke Takeda (Radwimps) – arranger of "Laundry Laundry"

Chiaki Satō – producer of "Neon Town Escape"

Yusuke Tatsuzaki – arranger of "Tsuki"

Daisuke Murakami – saxophone on "Neon Town Escape"

Chankeng – trumpet on "Neon Town Escape"

Nappi – trombone on "Neon Town Escape"

Randy Merrill – mastering

Kiss from the Darkness is the 9th studio album by Japanese rock band Scandal. The album was released on February 12, 2020 by Victor Entertainment (VIZL-1706) in Japan and JPU Records (JPU060) in Europe and North America, featuring a total of twelve songs, including the band's first double-A-side CD single “Masterpiece” and “Mabataki”. The album peaked at number five on the weekly Oricon Albums Chart, Japan's music industry-standard popularity chart. This extended Scandal's streak of having all nine of their studio albums reach the top five of the Oricon chart upon release.

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