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Scandal - Mirror (2022)

Scandal - Mirror (2022)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "MIRROR"   3:45

2. "eternal"   3:41

3. "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa (愛にならなかったのさ; It Didn't Turn Out to Be True Love)"   4:17

4. "Kanojo wa Wave (彼女はWave; She Is a Wave)"   3:25

5. "Ai no Shoutai (愛の正体; Love's True Colors)"   4:25

6. "Ivory (アイボリー)"   4:21

7. "Yuugure, Tokeru (夕暮れ、溶ける; Dusk Is Melting)"   4:00

8. "Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de (蒼の鳴る夜の隙間で; In the Gaps of the Blue, Echoing Night)"   3:14

9. "Prism (プリズム)"   4:02

10. "one more time"   4:08

11. "Living in the City (CD Bonus Track)"   5:06

12. "SPICE (CD Bonus Track)"   3:44

Total length:   49:01


Scandal Band Members / Musicians

Haruna – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Mami – lead guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Ivory"

Tomomi – bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Ai No Shoutai" and "Living in the City"

Rina – drums, backing vocals,lead vocals on "Kanojo wa wave"


Satori Shiraishi– arranger of "eternal" and "Ai No Shoutai"

Kouhei Munemoto – arranger of "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa","Ivory" and "Prism"

Hibiki Nishikawa– arranger of "Yuugure, Tokeru" and "Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de"

Yuta Hashimoto - arranger of "one more time"

Mirror (stylized in all caps as MIRROR) is the 10th studio album by Japanese rock band Scandal. The album was released on January 26, 2022 by Victor Entertainment in Japan and JPU Records in Europe and North America. It features a total of ten songs, including "Living in the City" and "SPICE" as CD Bonus Tracks. The album peaked at number five on the weekly Oricon Albums Chart, Japan's music industry-standard pop.

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