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Supertramp - It Was the Best of Times (Live) (1999)

Supertramp - It Was the Best of Times (Live) (1999)

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2-CD version

Disc 1
"It's a Hard World" (Rick Davies)
"You Win, I Lose" (Davies)
"Listen to Me Please" (Davies)
"Ain't Nobody But Me"
"Sooner or Later" (Davies, Mark Hart)
"Free as a Bird" (Davies)
"Cannonball" (Davies)
"From Now On"
"Breakfast in America"
"Give Me a Chance" (Davies, Hart)

Disc 2
"Another Man's Woman"
"Take the Long Way Home"
"Bloody Well Right"
"The Logical Song"
"Goodbye Stranger"
"And the Light" (Davies)
"Don't You Lie to Me (I Get Evil)" (Tampa Red)
"Crime of the Century"

1-CD version: Live, 1997
"You Win, I Lose" – 4:44 (Davies)
"Listen to Me Please" – 5:03 (Davies)
"Sooner or Later" – 7:35 (Davies, Hart)
"Free as a Bird" – 4:49 (Davies)
"Cannonball" – 7:52 (Davies)
"From Now On" – 7:44
"Breakfast in America" – 2:47
"And the Light" – 5:03 (Davies)
"Take the Long Way Home" – 5:10
"Bloody Well Right" – 6:58
"The Logical Song" – 4:04
"Goodbye Stranger" – 7:24
"School" – 6:32

Supertramp Band Members / Musicians
Rick Davies – vocals, keyboards, harmonica

Mark Hart – vocals, keyboards, lead and acoustic guitars

Carl Verheyen – rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Cliff Hugo – bass guitar, backing vocals

John Helliwell – saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals

Lee Thornburg – trumpet

Bob Siebenberg – drums, percussion

Jesse Siebenberg – percussion

It Was the Best of Times is the 3rd live album by the English rock band Supertramp, released in April 1999. The album title makes use of the opening line from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

It Was the Best of Times was recorded in September 1997 at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK during the "It's About Time" tour (set up in support of the Some Things Never Change studio album).

The band includes vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Mark Hart performing songs originally sung by Roger Hodgson.

Supertramp are also augmented by additional players added for this album and tour which later would also take part in the recording of Slow Motion, the follow-up studio album released in 2002.

The 2-CD version features the song "Don't You Lie to Me", a blues song that the band had performed on their 1988 tour and the only song not written by a current or former band member.

The single CD version was later re-released in 2006 under the name of Live, 1997.

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