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Vangelis - Beaubourg (1978)

Vangelis Papathanasiou - Beaubourg (1978)

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"Beaubourg, Part I" – 18:09
"Beaubourg, Part II" – 21:05

Vangelis Papathanasiou Band Members / Musicians
Vangelis – keyboards and other instruments

Vangelis – producer, arranger, original LP design
Keith Spencer-Allen – recording engineer
Marlis Duncklau – assistant engineer
Louis East – graphics
John Dyer – art director
Veronique Skawinska – photography
Production (2013)

Vangelis – remaster
Frederick Rousseau – remaster sound engineer

Beaubourg is a studio album by the Greek electronic composer Vangelis, released in July 1978. It was the fourth album produced by Vangelis in Nemo Studios, London, and his final album for RCA Records. It is an avant-garde-experimental album.

It is a concept album inspired by the architecture of the homonymous complex area, specifically Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. He visited the area in 1977, and recalls "I was very impressed. I returned to London and I recorded my album Beaubourg quickly, spontaneously. So I 'felt' Beaubourg, but that does not mean that Beaubourg is only this: I can redo Beaubourg in 30 different ways". The recording took him less than a month.

Vangelis noted that many people in the beginning had difficulty listening to it, but later appreciated it. He said it can be played in the background.

Vangelis expressed that he "needed courage to release this record" as RCA "has not believed in any of my four albums", or in his artistic activity, and he was "accused of purposely recording a disc of very ‘different’ electronic music"; nevertheless the album sold well. Thus he decided to leave RCA for Polydor Records.

Its release was promoted with a live appearance by Vangelis at the Pavillon de Paris on June 19, 1978.

In 2013 the album was released in remastered and reissued digipak edition by Esoteric Recordings.

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