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Vangelis - Hypothesis (1978)

Vangelis Papathanasiou - Hypothesis (unofficial 1978)

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Hypothesis is a studio album by the Greek electronic composer Vangelis, unofficially released in 1978.

In May 1971 Vangelis had played several sessions in London's Marquee Studios, joined for some of them by violinist Michel Ripoche, bass guitarist Brian Odgers (called Odger on the sleeve) and drummer Tony Oxley, the rhythm section of the famous Extrapolation recording released by John McLaughlin. Two albums' worth of material had resulted from these sessions, but were unfinished and not intended for release. Later, when Vangelis was becoming famous, the label published the material without his permission, using forged signatures, and in 1978 two albums appeared in shops, on the Affinity label (a subsidiary of Charly Records) - Hypothesis and The Dragon. Vangelis won a court case to have both LPs taken off the market. He said greed was the motivation for releasing the sub-par albums: "I don't agree with that music at all."

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