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Vangelis - Heaven and Hell (1975)

Vangelis Papathanasiou - Heaven and Hell (1975)

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Note: Early pressings of the LP include a more detailed track listing. "So Long Ago, So Clear" is listed separately on the sleeve in all editions, as opposed to the other listed tracks.

Side one
"Heaven and Hell Part I"
"Bacchanale" — 4:40
"Symphony to the Powers B" (Movements 1 and 2) — 8:18
"Movement 3" (from "Symphony to the Powers B") — 4:03
"So Long Ago, So Clear" — 5:00

Side two
"Heaven and Hell Part II"
"Intestinal Bat" — 3:18
"Needles & Bones" — 3:22
"12 O'Clock" (in two parts) — 8:48
"Aries" — 2:05
"A Way" — 3:45

"Heaven and Hell Part I" — 21:58
includes "So Long Ago, So Clear" — 4:58
"Heaven and Hell Part II" — 21:16

Vangelis Papathanasiou Band Members / Musicians

Vangelis — synthesizers, Bösendorfer grand piano, percussion

Jon Anderson — lead vocals and lyrics on "So Long Ago, So Clear"

Vana Verouti — lead vocals on "12 O'Clock"

English Chamber Choir — choir

Guy Protheroe — conductor

Vangelis — producer, arranger
Alan Lucas — sound engineer
Geoff Halpin — logo design
Mike Doud — sleeve concept
Paul Wakefield — photographer

Heaven and Hell is a studio album by Greek electronic composer Vangelis, released in December 1975 on RCA Records. It is the first album recorded at his Nemo Studios in London that he used until 1987. It is a concept album based on duality.

The album marks Vangelis' departure from the progressive rock sound on his previous album Earth (1973), with adoption of a more classical synthesized sound, as well his UK chart debut.

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