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Vangelis - Ignacio (aka Do You hear the Dogs Barking?) (OST) (1975)

Vangelis Papathanasiou - Ignacio (aka Do You hear the Dogs Barking?) (OST) (1975)

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Ahui Camacho as young Ignacio
Aurora Clavel
Ana De Sade
Tamara Garina
Salvador Gómez as adolescent Ignacio?
Juan Ángel Martínez
Gastón Melo
Patrick Penn
Salvador Sánchez as El Padre de Ignacio

The film's score was composed, performed, and produced by Vangelis.

Track list
Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer? Part 1 – 20:42
Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer? Part 2 – 17:45

Do You Hear the Dogs Barking? (Spanish: ¿No oyes ladrar los perros?, and also known as Ignacio) is a 1975 Mexican drama film directed by François Reichenbach.It was entered into the 1975 Cannes Film Festival.

The film is based on a short story, "¿No oyes ladrar los perros?", written by Juan Rulfo and collected in El Llano en llamas. The short story tells the tale of an old man carrying his wounded (criminal) son on his back in search of help. Meanwhile, he tells his son about what his future life will be like. The film intercuts between the story of the man and his child and the possible future of the child as a young indigenous man looking for work in Mexico City.

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