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Vangelis - See You Later (1980)

Vangelis - See You Later (1980)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "I Can't Take It Anymore"   5:42

2. "Multi-Track Suggestion"   5:36

3. "Memories of Green"   5:48

4. "Not a Bit – All of It"   3:00

5. "Suffocation"   9:26

6. "See You Later"   10:22

Delectus bonus tracks

7. "Neighbours Above"   4:53

8. "My Love"   4:11

9. "Domestic Logic 1"   3:19

Vangelis Band Members / Musicians

Vangelis - synthesizers and all instruments, Vocalese [Uncredited] on "Not a Bit – All of It"

Jon Anderson - vocals on "Suffocation" and "See You Later"

Raphael Preston - noises [Bambino Ufo Master Blaster Station, Uncredited]

Krisma (Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser) - Italian voice (Uncredited) on "Suffocation"

Peter Marsh - vocals [Uncredited] on "I Can't Take It Any More" and "Multi-Track Suggestion"

Cherry Vanilla, Andrew Hoy - vocals on "Not a Bit – All of It"

Michel Ripoche - violin on "Not a Bit – All of It"

Vangelis : Producer, arranger, photography, design

Raphael Preston, John Walker : Engineers

Rena Shine : Studio assistant

Veronique Skawinska, Alwyn Clayden : Design, photography

See You Later is an album by the Greek electronic composer Vangelis, released in 1980. It breaks quite violently with the style he had employed in the late 1970s and later, relying much more on vocals and being more experimental and returning (in many respects) to his early 1970s work like Earth or 666. It was never released in the United States, until it was remastered in 2016 as part of the Delectus boxset.

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