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CMX - Dinosaurus Stereophonicus (2000)

CMX - Dinosaurus Stereophonicus (2000)

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Disc 1

"Kreetan härkä" – 4:58 (instrumental) ("Bull of Crete")

"Kansantalouden saavutusten näyttely" – 4:12 ("Exhibition of National Economy's Achievements")

"Ei koskaan" – 6:21 ("Never")

"Iliman pielet" – 4:21 ("Frames of the Air")

"Ohjelmansiirtoketjun mittaustauko" – 2:24 (instrumental) "Measuring Break of the Programme Shift Process")

"Pelon enkeli" – 5:36 ("Angel of Fear")

"Loputtomasti samaa" – 5:43 ("Endlessly Same")

"Ilmestyskirjanpitäjä" – 1:57 ("Accountant of the Book of Revelations")

"Kylmänmarja" – 8:59 ("Cold's Berry")

"Baikonur" – 10:08

"Negatiivinen alkusoitto" – 1:18 (instrumental) ("Negative Overture")

Disc 2

"Jatkuu niinkuin sade" – 4:29 ("Goes on Like the Rain")

"Tuonen lintu" – 5:29 ("Bird of the Underworld")

"Luuhamara" – 4:18 ("Bone Poll")

"Tämän runon tahtoisin unohtaa" – 4:47 ("I Would Like to Forget This Poem")

"Kultaiset portaat" – 5:27 ("Golden Stairs")

"Meidän syntimme" – 4:52 ("Our Sins")

"Myrskyn ratsut" – 6:27 ("Steeds of Squall")

"Karsikkopuu" – 5:33 ("Tree of the Dead")

"Olkoon täysi sinun maljasi" – 10:00 ("Let Thy Cup be Full")

"Suurta yötä päin" – 3:40 ("Towards the Great Night")

"Tähdet sylissään" – 7:55 ("Stars in her Bosom")

CMX Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

A. W. Yrjänä - vocals, bass

Janne Halmkrona - guitars

Timo Rasio - guitars

Tuomas Peippo - drums

Gabi Hakanen - producer, engineer, mixing

Illusion Rake - producer, engineer, mixing

Teropekka Virtanen - engineer

Mika Jussila - mastering

Vincent B - sleeve art/design

Arto Kinnunen - sleeve art/design

Ari Talusén - photography

Martti Salminen - keyboards

Ann Bell Fell

Aki Eronen

Risto Salmi

Kampin Laulu choir

Dinosaurus Stereophonicus is the 8th album by the Finnish rock group CMX, released in 2000. It was recorded after the band had decided to stop touring and become a full-time studio band. The decision only lasted till 2002.

The two-hour-long double album is heavily influenced by 1970s progressive rock, such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Yes. Many of the songs contain long solos and odd time signatures. Keyboards are also an important part of the album's sound.

Despite being over six minutes long, "Myrskyn ratsut" was CMX's first number one single. String instruments and steel guitar can be heard on the slow, calm and melodic song. Shortly thereafter, "Jatkuu niinkuin sade" became the second CMX song to top the Finnish singles chart. Dinosaurus Stereophonicus was certified gold quickly after its release.

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