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CMX - Isohaara (2002)

CMX - Isohaara (2002)

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"Päänsärkijä" – 4:31 "Headbreaker"

"Pohjoista leveyttä" – 3:20 "Northern Latitude"

"Veitsenterä" – 4:33 "Knife's Blade"

"Minne paha haudattiin" – 5:31 "Where Evil Was Buried"

"Isohaara" – 3:39

"Revontulten repijä" – 6:13 "Ripper of Aurora Borealis"

"Minun sydämeni on särkynyt" – 3:58 "My Heart is Broken"

"Post mortem" – 2:55

"Lihan syvyyksiin" – 3:51 "Into the Depths of Flesh"

"Silmien takana" – 4:05 "Behind the Eyes"

"Tuulilukko" – 4:24 "Windlock"

CMX Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

A. W. Yrjänä - Vocals, bass guitar, harmonica, harmonium

Janne Halmkrona - Guitar, keyboards

Timo Rasio - Guitar

Tuomas Peippo - Drums

Music class 4C of the Suutarila elementary school - Choir on #5

Ismo Rajaniemi - Choir conductor on #5

Gabi Hakanen - Producing, recording and mixing

Illusion Rake - Piano (Track 6), Recording and mixing of vocals and co-production on #4

Mika Jussila - Mastering

Isohaara is the 9th studio album by the Finnish rock group CMX. The album is named after Isohaara power plant in Keminmaa. The band spent six months in the studio because of the chosen songwriting method: the songs were written and rehearsed at the studio under constant perfecting and re-arranging. Musically the album is lighter and more accessible than its predecessor, the over 100-minute Prog-epoch Dinosaurus Stereophonicus.

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