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CMX - Iäti (2010)

CMX - Iäti (2010)

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"Sateenkaaren pää" – 3:40 (End of the Rainbow)

"Kappaleina" – 3:24 (In Pieces)

"Taistele" – 4:01 (Fight)

"Auringon kultainen kaupunki" – 4:26 (The Golden City of the Sun)

"Kuoleman kulkumies" – 3:52 (The Wanderer of Death)

"Iäti" – 4:04 (Evermore)

"Totenmann" – 4:52

"Manisola" – 3:38

"Kättenpäällepanijat" – 4:07 (Those who lay hands on heads)

"Linnunrata" – 4:52 (The Milky Way)

"Laulu todellisuuden luonteesta" – 4.52 (Song about the nature of Reality)

CMX Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

A. W. Yrjänä – vocals, bass, acoustic guitar

Janne Halmkrona – electric- and acoustic guitars, backing vocals

Timo Rasio – electric- and acoustic guitars, bass, backing vocals

Tuomas Peippo – drums, percussion

Iäti is 13th album by the Finnish rock group CMX. It was released in 2010, three years after the previous Talvikuningas. Compared to the previous album Iäti is more of a traditional rock album. It ranked first as most sold album on The Official Finnish Charts.

Iäti is last CMX album with drummer Tuomas Peippo.

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