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CMX - Talvikuningas (2007)

CMX - Talvikuningas (2007)

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"Kaikkivaltias" – 10:26 ("The Almighty")

"Resurssikysymys" – 1:54 (Yrjänä/Halmkrona) ("A Matter of Resources")

"Pretoriaanikyborgit" – 5:50 (Yrjänä/Halmkrona/Rasio) ("Praetorian Cyborgs")

"Vallan haamut" – 5:31 ("Ghosts of Power")

"Tähtilaivan kapteeni" – 4:08 ("Captain of the Starship")

"Kosmologisen vakion laulu" – 3:52 ("Song of the Cosmological Constant")

"Parvatin tietäjä" – 4:26 ("The Sage of Parvati")

"Punainen komentaja" – 4:05 ("The Crimson Commander")

"Langennut valo" – 4:26 ("Fallen Light")

"Quanta" – 5:05 (Yrjänä/Rasio)

"Rusalkai" – 3:41 (Yrjänä/Halmkrona)

"Kaikkivaltiaan peili" – 8:31 ("Mirror of the Almighty")

Bonus tracks on the 10th anniversary vinyl edition (2017)

"Kuolemaantuomitut" - 4:06 ("Ones Condemned to Die")

"Mekaanisten lintujen puisto" - 7:45 ("Park of Mechanical Birds")

CMX Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

A. W. Yrjänä – vocals, bass

Janne Halmkrona – guitar

Timo Rasio – guitar

Tuomas Peippo – drums

Rake (Rauli Eskolin) – keyboards, recording, production, mixing

Pauli Saastamoinen – mastering

Sami Saramäki – artwork and graphical design

Gabi Hakanen – executive producer

Talvikuningas (2007) is an album by the Finnish rock group CMX. The title is Finnish and translates to "The Winter King".

Talvikuningas is CMX's first concept album. Although the CD is divided into 12 tracks, they flow seamlessly into each other and the record is effectively one long song.

The first limited edition of 8 000 copies of Talvikuningas was released on September 5, 2007. This limited printing features special packaging and a 40-page booklet, which contains extensive artwork and the full libretto to the album. Digital downloads of Talvikuningas became available the same day. A regular CD version with ordinary jewel case packaging and reduced liner notes was released on 9 January 2008.

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