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CMX - Pedot (2005)

CMX - Pedot (2005)

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"Eteläisen tähtitaivaan kartoitus" – 3:36 ("Mapping of the Southern Star Sky")

"Pedot" – 4:34 ("Beasts")

"Uusi ihmiskunta" – 3:31 ("New Mankind")

"Mustat siivet yli taivaan" – 4:22 ("Black Wings across the Sky")

"Kain" – 3:55 ("Cain")

"Suojelusperkele" – 4:10 ("Guardian Devil")

"Taivaanääreläiset" – 4:17 ("People of Heaven's End")

"Näkyvän valon olennot" – 2:44 ("Creatures of Visible Light")

"Tuulenkosija" – 6:16 ("Courter of the Wind")

"Syysmyrkkylilja" – 3:31 ("Autumn Poison Lily")

"Sanansaattaja" – 6:17 ("Messenger")

"Valoa nopeammat koneet" – 4:11 ("Superluminal Machines")

CMX Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

A. W. Yrjänä - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Janne Halmkrona - Guitars, Acoustic Guitar

Timo Rasio - Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Lap Steel

Tuomas Peippo - Drums, Percussions

Pentti Lahti - Flute

Mikko Mustonen - Trombone

Jyrki Sahla - Effects recording

Kikke Heikkinen, Riitta Talasniemi - Background vocals

Rake - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Rauli Eskolin - Keyboards, Programming

Pauli Saastamoinen - Mastering

Perttu Saksa - Photography

Jussi S. Karjalainen - Sleeve Design

Gabi Hakanen - Executive Producer

Pedot is the 11th album of the Finnish rock band CMX. "Pedot" means "Beasts" in Finnish.

The opening track "Eteläisen tähtitaivaan kartoitus" breaks a CMX tradition of starting their albums with powerful rock songs. It is a minimalistic piano-based ballad with no drums. The title track is heavy, progressive and one of the very few tracks where Tuomas Peippo makes use of double bass pedals. "Uusi ihmiskunta" was the first single from the album (the second was "Kain"), and reached #1 on the Finnish singles chart.

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