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Lordi - The Monsterican Dream (2004)

Lordi - The Monsterican Dream (2004)

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1. "Threatical Trailer"   1:09
2. "Bring It On (The Raging Hounds Return)"   4:35
3. "Blood Red Sandman"   4:03
4. "My Heaven Is Your Hell"   3:41
5. "Pet the Destroyer"   3:50
6. "The Children of the Night"   3:44
7. "Wake the Snake"   3:46
8. "Shotgun Divorce"   4:42
9. "Forsaken Fashion Dolls"   3:43
10. "Haunted Town"   3:13
11. "Fire in the Hole"   3:27
12. "Magistra Nocte"   1:33
13. "Kalmageddon"   4:33

Limited edition bonus DVD
The Kin Movie
Making of The Kin
Photo Gallery

"My Heaven Is Your Hell"
"Blood Red Sandman"

Lordi Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

Mr. Lordi – vocals, programming, cover art, artwork, layout

Amen – guitars, backing vocals

Kita – drums, backing vocals, engineering

Kalma – bass, backing vocals, engineering

Enary – keyboards, piano, backing vocals

Hiili Hiilesmaa – production, engineering, mixing, programming

Mika Jussila – mastering

Juha Heininen – engineering

Tracy Lipp – engineering

Petri Haggrén – photography

The Monsterican Dream is the 2nd studio album by Finnish metal band Lordi, released in 2004. It features an overall heavier sound with a more grim look to the band than Lordi's first album.

The album was re-released in Finland as a "Limited Edition" on DVD, which included Lordi's short film The Kin.

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